Our Background

Gavin and I have known each other since high school. However, it wasn’t until November 2012 that we made it official and we moved into a cottage on his family’s working farm. The cottage or as I refer to it, the granny annex attached to Gavin’s parents house, is set over three floors. Comprising of a living room, hallway and kitchen on the ground floor, two bedrooms and the bathroom on the second floor and a further bedroom in the attic. When we moved in we immediately started renovating the downstairs and the attic levels.

In September 2014, Gavin’s family were away for a weekend and I had helped him Rebecca & Gavin Wedding-97complete all the morning chores around the farm. Whilst I went into the house to make the breakfast, unbeknown to me Gavin met up with my mother to pick my Grandmothers wedding ring up. Since he proposed Gavin now tells me that when he came into the house later, he couldn’t contain himself and popped the question instantly, bear in mind this is while I’m cooking bacon and smelling of cows!

We immediately set the date for our wedding which would be on 5th September 2015. The next year consisted of me visiting my mother’s house every Wednesday to gain inspiration, purchase and create all things to go with our wedding theme. Every weekend was taken up with Gavin and I going to appointments or shopping, also for the wedding. The wedding dress was the first item that was bought, followed closely by the venue of the reception. This consisted of three tipi tents to be set up in a field on the family farm.

The Hen Do was on 1st August 2015, a spa day and evening meal had been organised by my good friend.   The day started with a tour of the facilities at the spa and then we got changed to be able to enjoy the swimming pool, sauna and whirlpool.  We then went off individually to have treatments.  I started with a dry floatation, I hadn’t experienced this before and wouldn’t have it again as I didn’t feel any benefit.   I then had a full body massage which was fantastic. The party then met up to have lunch and catch up.   When we reconvened I had a facial, manicure and pedicure.  The evening ended with my friends getting together at a local restaurant where we had a private room and were able to enjoy a three course meal.

I slept at my mother’s house the night before, I say slept although I think I only managed 2 hours with all the anticipation building up. The big day finally came and I was officially up at 6am enjoying a bath and having breakfast. The people who came to do the bridesmaids and I’s make up and hair, arrived at 7.30am. The bridesmaids started arriving at 8am and the photographer arrived at 11am. What surprised me was the length of time to get our make up completed and hair finalised. We then opened presents together and finally I put on my beautiful dress, whilst the bridesmaids also put on their outfits.

Gavin had organised the surprise transport for us all to get to the church, it was a Land Rover long based Defender that arrived at 12.30pm. The bridal party travelled a short distance to a local lake and had pre-wedding shots taken . By the time this was completed it was 1.30pm and we had half an hour to get to the church.

We arrived at the church at 2.05pm and from this point the rest of the day is a blur to me. The bridesmaids individually walked up the aisle, followed by my mother and I. The Church proceedings lasted an hour and together with the confetti escapades afterwards we didn’t arrive at the venue until 3.30pm.

The wedding party arrived first at the venue and everyone was greeted with a welcome drink of Pimms. Gavin and I sat outside the tipi tents, where we were able to greet all our guests. We sat down at 4pm and my mother immediately started on her speech, followed closely by Gavin and finally the best man. Once the speeches were completed, Gavin and I cut the cake and then it was time to enjoy the 3 course meal.

We had to skip coffee at 5.30pm as we wanted to complete the official wedding pictures before dark. We went down into the farm-yard and managed to get some shots with the animals (they do say don’t work with animals and it was very apparent when we tried with the dogs). As we were walking back up to the tents at 7pm the sun was setting and we could see our evening guests arriving.

When we arrived back at the tents all of the candles had Rebecca & Gavin Wedding-463been lit and there was a lovely warm atmosphere about the place. I quickly got changed into my evening attire and the band started playing at 8pm. At 9pm it was time for our first dance, which to this day Gavin blames me for “messing him up”. However it went down a blast with all of our guests and it will always be a good memory to me.

The night ended with Gavin’s grandfather putting on a firework display that lasted half an hour and at 11pm, Gavin and I disappeared to where we were staying for the night, a fantastic wedding gift from one of our close friends. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change anything about the whole day. Everyone should experience their own wedding at least one time in their life and I like the idea of redoing our vows every ten years, just to be able do it all again!

Much Love
RebeccaRebecca & Gavin Wedding-589


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  1. Oh I love the photo with the cow. We got married on a rainy day in December so a farm reception was not an option but now, seeing yours I wish we had 🙂

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