When Out & About

In the last couple of weeks Gavin and I have been for out for meals with friends and family and this made me think about the differences that I have to take into consideration whenever going to a restaurant now that I am pregnant.

The obvious is no alcohol and what to drink instead. This means that I aren’t allowed to have caffeine, which includes coffee, tea and fizzy drinks. I settled for “mock-tails” or water.

Then I needed to consider the food options which proved to be a mammoth task. things topsider include how I aren’t allowed to have a steak cooked rare or for that matter any form of uncooked or cured meats. Pates are out of the question straight away. Shellfish, Tuna or Sushi are big negatives to have and exotic fish like swordfish as it has too much mercury content. I also aren’t allowed dishes that contain raw or undercooked eggs and I must avoid soft, mould-ripened or blue-veined cheeses. Don’t get me started on desserts!Tiramisu often contains raw egg whites and home-made ice creams may include uncooked egg or unpasteurised milk. All in all this leaves salads or pasta as the only choices!

Restaurants must think I’m a very picky eater due to the amount of questions I have to ask about the food and then making substitutions of all kinds. For example no mayonnaise or any dressings and sauces on the side.

The amount of food also matters the further on I get into the pregnancy, my stomach seems to be shrinking (I’m guessing because the baby is getting bigger) and takes a lot longer to digest food. As a knock on affect of this heartburn seems to be increasing every time I eat something and the only way to get round this is to eat little and often. This all means I aren’t able to have a three course meal and can only just manage a main course.

Due to an increased level of tiredness in my third trimester it feels like I have a time restriction when going out. I have found that going out for early bird specials was an ideal way to combat this.

What to wear always seems to be a struggle as I am very restricted to what I can wear that fits and looks acceptable to go out in. Dresses seem to be my only option now as trousers and leggings restrict my bump which can also affect my heartburn.

However, the big plus is the attention that has started since hitting the third trimester, I do feel like a celebrity at parties now. I’m always offered a seat so this is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with my friends and catch up with people I haven’t spoken to in along time.

This week Gavin and I also went for a 4D scan, Gavin’s mother also came with us to be able to see the baby for the first time.  We were all blown away by the experience. It was very informal and felt like we were in our own living room watching the baby on the screens in the room, the staff provided a relaxed environment where we all felt able to ask questions. The detail of the images made the baby feel like it was already here and gave us an insight into what the baby may look like.

“Little Alien” was very active throughout the experience and it was very reassuring for me that every time it moved on the screen I could feel the movement inside me. The sonographer kept asking me to get into different positions on the bed however this proved difficult and in the end she asked me to get up and walk around to try to make the baby go to sleep.  “Little Alien” was very shy to begin with and hid behind its hands and sucked on its feet so we didn’t get a clear image straight away, however towards the end it did let us see its full face and we were able to see its facial features.

When we got home we started comparing how it looked to family members and I think “Little Alien” looks like it has the same nose as Gavin’s father, I also think its got my ears (double ear lobes!). Time will tell (nine weeks to go) who it will look like but the whole experience was brilliant which we will cherish forever.

Much love

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