Purchases Made So Far

This week I thought I would share some of the purchases Gavin and I have made since we became pregnant. We both have ideas of how we would like to bring our child up and what methods we would choose for the different activities included with a baby, for example nappy use and changing. However, as many other mothers tell me, you can never plan for a baby nor can you predict if they will like the options what have been chosen. Therefore we are very open to the routine changing at any point. Also, I plan to do reviews on some of the items once we have used them so I can share my opinions with everyone.img_0239

The first item we bought was the Keep Sake Journal which I mentioned in the First Trimester post. I have been adding details to this journal on a monthly basis, such as when scans are completed, baby names we like and other parts of the pregnancy, so we can refer back to the book in years to come.  Also, as baby’s don’t play very much when they are first born we decided not too purchase many toys to start with, we have bought a play gym for tummy time activities and a rocker with vibrating and musical options included which I hope will help “little alien” drop off to sleep.

I was adamant I wouldn’t need to buy any maternity clothes and would just manage with dresses, leggings and a lot of black clothing! However this proved difficult and it didn’t last long, we went shopping around week 16 for new bra’s, nightwear and maternity clothes. There isn’t a large range to choose from in my local town however online shopping is my new best friend and I now have a wardrobe full of maternity wear.

The first big(ish) purchase we made was the nappies, a removal system and lots (I mean lots) of cotton wool. After a lot of research we decided to go with the Bambino Mio reusable nappy range. I was worried about the expense that disposable nappies come with and how they aren’t environmentally friendly so it didn’t take much persuading for me to chose this option, however there are so many options on the market of what to use and it can be very overwhelming, I hope this purchase, together with the Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin to use for the liners, will work and I shall let you know with regular updates.

Gavin’s parents went on holiday earlier this year and I asked them to pick me up a large bag that I could use as the Baby Bag for when out and about. They brought me back the most beautiful leather bag that has a huge interior and I can fit everything I need in.  Its stylish and doesn’t look too “mummsy”. The only thing is, I don’t quite know what I’ll need in there at the moment!

We were given some vouchers to use at Mothercare and this is where we stocked up on a baby bath, toiletries & most importantly a bath thermometer. Even though we have a large sink I felt we may need a baby bath for those just in case moments when the sink isn’t available (e.g. dirty plates).  When deciding on baby products, there is a lot to choose from, however Johnsons has been around a long time, so I decided to use their range.  Depending on “little alien” and its skin type this may need to change to an organic or non perfumed brand which I will consider changing to should anything become apparent.

We have purchased white all in ones and vests for when the baby arrives, however we have only bought new born sizes so when the baby starts to grow or if it is a large sized baby, we may not have any clothes that fit. However, I have been advised that you get a lot of clothes as gifts when the baby arrives so hopefully we will be OK (hint hint)! We have also bought a lot of blankets, muslin squares and bibs. Personally I don’t like the idea of the sleeping bags as you aren’t able to regulate the babies temperature and add or take away blankets as easily, my opinion may change when the baby arrives and they might be my life saver, but time will tell. I was advised against buying muslin squares and to use terry towelling for when burping the baby or for cleaning messes up, however I like the feel of the muslin material and I do have towels should the muslins not work.

The theme of the nursery is sheep (Gavin wanted a farm theme however as we do not know the sex of our baby I wanted to keep the room neutral and I idnt want to be changing in a few years time) because of this we went with the Slumber Buddies Lamb which is a light show and musical night light, however since this purchase I have come across Ewan the Sheep which is raved about online and with other mothers, so I am secretly hoping someone will give me this as a gift me to try (hint hint)!  Also, as we live in a grade one listed building with single glazed windows, our house is always too warm in summer and too cold in winter, therefore we both felt we needed a room thermometer so we can try to acclimatise the room.

Whilst talking about the nursery we have also purchased the Moses Basket and stand. I really hope “little alien” loves this as it is such a beautiful piece and I am so pleased I found izziwotnot.com as there are many products that are very beautiful on their website. My Grandma purchased the Baby Monitor for us, the Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor. The pack includes a two-way talk back, a night vision camera and a movement sensor pad . Gavin and I had said from the start that we really wanted a movement sensor pad, we both are very scared of cot death as I’m sure most parents are. So the added bonus of a camera was a fantastic surprise and we were very grateful that she had made this choice.


As we don’t own a first aid kit in our household I purchased the baby first aid kit from Boots and an ear thermometer (yes, another thermometer)! I’ve also stocked up the medicine cabinet with all things a baby may need e.g. Calpol.

One product which I am in two minds about is the breast pump and feeding system which we have chosen. We went with the best on the market, which is also the most expensive, a Medela Double Swing Breast Pump, however who knows if I will be able to use this, I may not like breastfeeding at all and choose to change to powdered milk or the baby may not like using a bottle and only want to suck from me.  I shall let you know how we get on with regular updates.

The BIG purchase which Gavin’s grandparents helped us with, is the best part of everything we have bought so far. For our travel system, we chose the Yorkshire made Silver Cross Surf chassis with a carry cot and pushchair option, we also bought the matching car seat and isofix base. We both fell in love with how small it folds down, the ability for off-roading (which is needed around the farm) and the fact that it came from our home county, this just sealed the deal. We have also purchased a few other car items, such as blinds for the back windows and a mirror so we can see the baby when it is in the car seat.

We still have a few items left to purchase before the arrival of “our little alien” (or at least in the first few months when it is born). These are mainly the nursery furniture which we do not require immediately once the baby is born; including a nursing chair, wardrobe, cot and changing unit. Also, we do require a baby carrier that both Gavin and I will be able to use, however I don’t want to purchase one until “little alien” is here as we don’t know if we want a wrap or an outdoor choice.

If anybody has any other recommendations of items we may need in the first couple of months the baby is here I would be very grateful for your suggestions.

Much love

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