Recent Events – September 2016

Gavin and I have had a busy September, so I thought I would share some of the months memories with you.

Our First Wedding Anniversary was on the 05 September 2016 and we received some thoughtful gifts and cards from our family and friend.  Gavin and I had agreed not to go crazy this year, so we didn’t buy each other cards or gifts. We did go out for a meal together and that day we also watched the video of our wedding day. We also went through our wedding book where people had signed or left messages to us. Traditionally, the first year gift should have some reference to paper, however I don’t have a clue what I would have got Gavin if I had looked into getting a present for him.img_0493

On the 17 September 2016, Gavin and I had a maternity shoot. It was a lovely sunny day (thank god) and the photographer was very nice, she made us both feel very comfortable and at ease straight away so we were able to take natural shots. When we received the photos the following week we were both very happy with the results, however I cant believe how huge I look, especially the picture in the long grass! The best part of the whole experience is we will always have a memento of the lead up to our “little alien” coming.

On the 19 September 2016, it was our local show. Gavin had six dairy cows that he took to the show for judging. He also had some members of the Young Farmers help him with walking around the ring for the judges to see the animals. We did manage to have a walk around the show and see all the other exhibitor stands, such as the sheep and chickens but we didn’t have long as Gavin was part of the Grand Parade. Overall Gavin did very well and came home with a lot of rosettes and six trophies.  We celebrated that night with a takeaway and a film (Gavin wasn’t up for much else that evening, as he had been up washing the cows since 4am).

Finally I had my birthday on 04 October 2016 and I am officially 30now.  As a treat Gavin took me to Betty’s in Harrogate for an evening meal. I didn’t want anything big or fancy as I think we are both about to receive the best present anyone could ask for, however he did get me a beautiful picture with the words to our wedding song on it – I am struggling to find a place for it in our home though, so I think this means we have to renovate the rest of the stairway once “little alien “ is here, and Christmas is out of the way.img_0495

We have just over four weeks to go (maybe more) and time seems to have stopped, I keep trying to keep myself busy by visiting friends and going shopping but the days seem to last for years and I do feel like I’m clock watching all the time. My sleeping patterns have changed and I have developed insomnia (which my app says is normal at this point) The heart burn is also very intense now.  I recently looked into what doesn’t cause heart burn and was shocked to read that pretty much all foods cause this, apart from lettuce leaves! Lucky me 🙂

Much love

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