What’s in my Hospital Bag

I love to watch You Tube videos of people going through their bags and the contents – I think I’m just very nosey. Recently, I have started watching other people’s “what’s in my hospital bag” trying to gain inspiration of what is really needed, so I thought I would share what I have packed.  I would love your feedback on what I have included as this is my first time, I feel like I have over packed and I have no clue of what I am doing really!

I am taking two bags, one for my items and one for the baby items.  For “little alien” I am going to use the changing bag and for myself, I am using a holdall bag that I used as a cabin bag on our honeymoon.


Lets start with the contents of the bag for the star of the show, the most important part of this whole experience – the baby bag!


Cotton wool – the antenatal classes and Mummy groups on Facebook have all said not to bring wet wipes as they can cause irritation on new born skin so cotton wool and water is the choice to clean all those spills and explosions! I am taking two different types of cotton wool, as watching some of the You Tube videos people have commented that cotton wool balls do stick to the babies skin so I am taking cotton wool pads as well which I hope wont do this.

Water wipes – going against what I’ve said above I had some water wipes bought for me and thought that I would include these as I have read that midwives approve, however I will only use these as a final attempt to remove the first black tar poo explosions.

Nappies – I have packed twenty disposable nappies that I will only use in the hospital and then when we get home I shall start to use the reusable nappy system. This is just for ease, however I do hope that twenty is enough!img_0423

Short sleeved vests and sleep suits – I have picked out “little aliens” going home outfit and the first sleep suit that I would like the baby to be put in.  Its a beautiful grey outfit from JoJo Maman Bebe with little white sheep on – Gavin does approve as well!

Hat and mittens – these are both for just in case purposes, depending on the temperatures of the room and the weather when we leave the hospital. All of the sleep suits have integrated scratch mittens so hopefully this will be enough.img_0421

Pram suit – for the journey home1

Muslins – these are multi usable for cleaning up messes, burping, used as a makeshift bib or a comforter.

Towels – these will be used for the delivery of the baby and cleaning it up before “little alien” is handed to me.

Blanket – I have included one blanket which I hope is enough. I haven’t practised or watched how to swaddle a baby so hopefully a midwife (or my mother) will be able to show me how to do this with a blanket.img_0419

Going onto the list of items that I am taking for myself (there may be some items which may be too much information that you didn’t want to know about below, so BEWARE)!img_0430

Towels and flannel – the towels are for my shower which I plan to take as soon as possible after the birth! The flannel is a just in case I am dripping in sweat and it gives Gavin something to do!img_0428

Nursing night wear, dressing gown & slippers – these are all for trying to have as much of an active birth as possible, I hope to be able to walk around as much as possible during the labour.

Nursing bra – I already have started to wear nursing bras (they seem to be the most comfortable at the moment) so I am going to take another with me in case I get the one I’ll be wearing to the hospital dirty or spoilt.img_0426

Dress and sandals – these are for me to go home in. I imagine wearing trousers or leggings, once I have had a baby especially if I have to have a C-Section, aren’t very comfortable, so I went for a dress instead.img_0432

Lucazade, drinking water and food – the midwives have advised that isotonic drinks are useful to have during the early stages of labour to keep blood sugars up and to try keep my energy levels up.  I do seem to drink like a fish nowadays so I went for a large bottle of water that can be refilled if needed. Finally I thought by the time I get to the hospital I wont be hungry but my birthing partners may be so I packed both nutritional snacks and chocolate for them both.  img_0431

Head phones & chewing gum – the head phones are a just in case there is a lot of back ground noise in the labour ward so I can drown out the sounds with music and a hypnotherapy recording. I do find that chewing on chewing gum does distract me from pain sometimes so I hope this may help whilst in labour.

Money & tissues – I have been collecting all my change over the last few months getting ready for the car park fee once Gavin and I leave the hospital – I imagine this may add up depending on how long we are there for. The tissues are for once “little alien” is born – for Gavin, obviously!

Bobbles, grips & lip balm – I usually always have a bobble on me but I thought as a precaution make sure I have one in my bag. I have also been told that when on the labour ward because they keep the temperatures warm, people do seem to get dry lips so I thought the lip balm may come in useful.img_0427

Maternity pads & big maternity pads – I have packed two different types of maternity pads, it all depends on what happens once the baby is born. I have packed big thick ones (like a night time pad) and what look to be normal period pads.

Breast pads – again, I don’t know if I will need to use these, it all depends if my milk comes in and if I have a lot (we shall see)! I think it is better to be prepared better than running around trying to find these once “little alien” has arrived.

Knickers & disposable pants – I was advised to take some disposable pants with me that I can just throw away, I have also packed some extra large knickers.img_0434

Body lotion & face wipes – the body lotion is an indulgence for me, the scent reminds me of positive memories when Gavin and I got married. The face wipes are for during labour or if for any reason I aren’t able to wash off my make up.

Make up – I do feel a little selfish taking make up with me to the hospital when really I should be completely focusing on the new born baby, however (and please don’t judge me) I don’t like leaving the house without something on.

Face wash, shampoo & conditioner, shaver, body wash & buffer.

Tooth brush, paste & mouth wash.

Hair brush, glasses & contact lenses –  As I am hoping to go in the pool I don’t know if this may dry out my contact lenses, so I have packed an extra pair of contact lenses that I can wear to go home in  or I could wear my glasses (however I hate to wear glasses)!  The hair brush is for me to use once I have had a shower, I am hoping the hospital may have a hair dryer that I could use.

Hair spray & dry shampoo – the hair spray is in case I have time to do my hair and the dry shampoo is just in case I don’t manage to have a shower immediately.

Witch hazel, perineum gel & nipple cream – these are all for the horrible parts of giving birth. I was told that putting witch hazel on my “down below” before I have my first wee will take the sting away. I have already started using the perineum gel to try to relax and prepare my “down below” skin. I have read that regular use can improve the skin’s elasticity. Finally nipple cream is used for chapped or sore nipples, I hope I wont need to use this but again id rather have it with me then have to try to find somewhere to buy this once the baby is here.

Deodorant & perfume – I have read mixed reviews to use both these products when breast feeding as it can put the baby off going near my boobs, so I might have to use different products but I shall see once the baby is born.

Water spray, hand gel & eye spray – the water spray is for me to use during labour in case I get flushed. I do seem to be suffering from dry eyes at the moment so the eye spray is just to combat this. I plan to use the hand gel each time I change the baby for those moments where I may have touched something I didn’t want to!

Finally, the car seat (I have been told that the hospital staff will not let me leave the premises without this) and the isofix base are both set up in the car ready to go at a minutes notice! My thoughts were that it is one less thing for Gavin to worry about.

Much love


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