Kick-Starting Labour

As my due date creeps closer and closer I seem to be getting more fed up, every movement or twinge I feel I think I’m going into labour and reading the internet certainly doesn’t help as all of the “what to expect” guides differ depending on what website you are on.

So, I thought I would try some of the natural ways to induce my labour, surprisingly everyone seems to know (or think they do) how to get labour started. However, all the ideas, inspiration and hints that I have been given so far haven’t worked and all they seem to be doing is keeping me busy (thankfully). I have finally resigned to the fact that “little alien” will just turn up when they are good and ready. The most daunting part is in the next couple of weeks I will have a baby in my arms and I will have been subject to some kind of pain!

Here is a list of some of the advice I have been given or read about so far (I haven’t tried them all yet!): pineapplePineapple – Contains an enzyme called Bromelain that could bring on labour. It works by having a softening and ripening effect on the cervix. unfortunaltey this seemed to just give me “the trots” for a couple of days after, maybe because I had too much!

Sex – I feel huge and very uncomfortable all the time now, this is definitely the last thing on my mind but it COULD help supposedly! TMI alert, Semen is rich in Prostaglandins, which are the chemicals that are used in hospital inductions.

Breast Stimulation – When this is done your body produces Oxytocin which is the same hormone that causes contractions in – Some people swear by having a hot curry to start off labour, the idea is that spicy food can stimulate your uterus. All I found this to do was to give me indigestion and very bad heart burn, that lasted for twenty four hours.

Homoeopathic Remedies – Such as Pulsatilla (a herbal plant). Some people do say that they found them helpful however there isn’t any evidence that this can work.reflexReflexology or Acupuncture – Some practitioners offer treatments specifically for overdue mums-to-be, but it is obviously very important that you go to a fully qualified therapist, and that your treatment is one hundred per cent suitable. I have made a booking for reflexology next week, even if it doesn’t work i will feel relaxed afterwards and hopefully less stressed about this waiting stage!

Herbal Remedies – The options available are blue or black cohosh which are stronger than homoeopathic remedies. However what I have found is that blue cohosh in particular has been linked to complications for babies at birth.092629_aRaspberry Leaf – This can be taken as a tea or in a tablet form. It is rich in nutrients including Fragine, which is thought to help strengthen the womb muscles which could make your contractions more productive.

Castor Oil – It is suggested that this works like a laxative, however I have read that professionals do not recommend to use this as taking castor oil may make you nauseous and give you diarrhoea.untitledBlowing up Balloons – The theory is that the build-up of blowing and working the abdominal muscles builds up the pressure and encourages labour to start.

Crying – Watching a weepy film and having a good cry can get the emotions going which can make adrenaline hormones start.ballBouncing – On a birth ball (I seem to never be off my ball at the moment as it does take away some of the pain in my nether regions) or driving a car down a bumpy road (our track is perfect for this). I have tried going in the tractor with Gavin when he is muck spreading but this doesn’t seem to have worked.  Gavin’s father has even threatened to pressure wash me with water and then put me in the back of a trailer for a ride around the village – supposedly this works for cows!

Sods Law – Wearing your best knickers or going out to an event you have been looking forward to often means that sod’s law will ensure that your waters will break.

Much love

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