Our Christmas & New Year

This year we have been truly been spoilt.  Because of where Tobias’ birth date fell we opened a lot of his birth presents on Christmas Day. We celebrated Christmas with friends and family and the day lasted from 8am until 10pm. As Tobias is only a month old we decided to have one last Christmas celebrating the way we always have, as he doesn’t understand what is going on yet.10881707_10152989294220879_6655265962034307648_nWe started the day by joining some of our long time friends for breakfast.  The breakfast consisted of pork pie, pickles and chutneys. We then went to the local church, where Tobias was perfect throughout the whole service (he even slept through the singing) and he received his first blessing during communion.

We thenwent to my Grandmothers house where we met my Mother and her side of the family. We were given a huge spread of food for our lunch, which consisted of a turkey dinner and all of the trimmings. We then opened all of the presents and of course as soon as this was decided Tobias thought it would be the appropriate time to want to feed! We received some lovely and unique presents including a toy train set with Tobias’ name on.

aBefore we knew it, it was time to come home as Gavin had to complete the farm chores. When he came back in we visited Gavin’s parents home. We had our second turkey dinner closely followed by the opening of presents with his side of the family, we were very happy to receive a new computer from Gavin’s parents. Finally we ended the night by going home and opening presents from each other and friends’ presents. We received lots of clothes for Tobias to wear in the future and Gavin treated me to an eternity ring to symbolise the birth of our first born son. On Boxing Day we had quite a chilled out morning and visited some friends in the afternoon who were hosting a house party.


On New Years Eve we spent the day putting up the nursery furniture and sorting out Tobias’ room.  On the evening, after Gavin had finished his jobs on the farm, we went around to our neighbours house who was hosting a party. Tobias met another baby who was born around the same time as him and I was able to compare and gain advice on raising new-borns. We left the party around 10pm and headed home, however we didn’t manage to go to sleep until 5am the following morning due to Tobias’ colic. As a family, we ended up going for a drive just before midnight. So we pulled into a car park near Brimham Rocks and watched all the fireworks going off in the Harrogate area.  It really was a spectacle to see (even with a screaming baby in the background).  I would really recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have any plans on a New Years Eve!  We didn’t do anything on New Years Day, apart from trying to have a chilled and relaxing day after the horrendous night we had endured.

Next year will be a different Christmas for us as we will have a one year old who will be more interactive. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Tobias changes over the next year and what his personality will become. I hope each and every one of you managed to enjoy your Christmas and from my family to yours we wish you a fantastic 2017.  I know this year will be one of the best for me and my family!

Much love

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