Two Month Update

untitledIt’s quite upsetting how fast the weeks are passing but its great to watch my “little alien” transform from a newborn and become a little boy. Daily life is becoming more normal and we are establishing a routine (as much as is possible) through the day and night. This month we have started classes and joined baby groups to start to make new friends and introduce Tobias to other babies.16114010_10154923430520879_924671733594453570_n

Tobias has mastered new milestones and keeps improving every day. Tobias is able to lift his head for longer periods of time, trying to do mini push ups, he really does love tummy time. He has started to open his hands and no longer has them in fists all the time. He now follows objects and voices with his head and eyes. He is easier to console when upset and is able to fall asleep by himself. He also giggles and coos on a regular basis, he certainly likes the sound of his own voice.15873566_10154874774540879_339039440711547018_n

Week Five: Christmas week, Gavin has spoilt me truly this year as he gave me an eternity ring which matched my engagement and wedding ring. The ring is to symbolise the birth of our first-born son. Gavins parents had a party on Christmas Eve which Tobias managed to sleep through but it mean we were able to catch up with friends. On Christmas Day, we spent the day as we always have, visiting friends and trying to spend a little bit of time with each side of the family. On Boxing Day afternoon, we went to a friend’s house for a party, however by the evening Tobias’ colic started to play up and both Gavin and I went for a midnight drive to try to help him go to sleep.15895052_10154884475645879_6429726316215190413_n

Week Six: On New Years Eve, we went to a neighbours party and on the way home, Tobias had his worst colic episode to date.  The three of us managed to watch the fireworks in Harrogate, go off at the stroke of midnight, from a car park near Brimham Rocks. Tobias did scream the car down the whole time. He also managed to stay awake that night from 8pm to 5am the following morning. Touch wood though, he hasn’t had an episode of colic since and the nights are getting a lot better. We also finally put up the nursery furniture and his room is finally ready for him to move into when the time comes. At the end of this week we went to our first baby massage class, he fully enjoyed the session and slept like a dream that afternoon and into the night without any problems.15977930_10154926977415879_7199790814674427863_n

Week Seven: This week we have started to get into a routine through the day and daily life seems to becoming a lot easier. The Christmas decorations were taken down and we also decided it was finally time to take down all of the cards from family and friends, welcoming Tobias into the world. The wind was bad this week and as a result an apple tree from our garden fell down. Tobias started swimming lessons this week, the classes are small which is great as I feel we get one on one attention from the tutor. However, because the classes are held on a Sunday, I am the only woman in the pool, all the other babies have their Fathers join them. Gavin has already point-blank refused to go into the water in case he drowns his son!16174532_10154927013075879_2493310788041925215_n

Week Eight: We seem to have had a week full of appointments. Tobias started the week by meeting with the health visitor and he now weighs a whopping 11.2lbs. I went to the antenatal clinic at the hospital for my check up following the third degree tear from giving birth, the doctor said it had completely healed and there shouldn’t be any problems in the future. We then ended the week by Tobias having his first immunisation jabs – I cried (lots), he cried (lots) and that evening his temperature was high which meant I couldn’t sleep as I was very worried but with lots of sleep and cuddles, he seems to be feeling a lot better now!

Much love

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