Our Nursery

We have finally finished the nursery for Tobias to move into (just waiting on the mattress to be delivered). So I thought, what better time to show you what we have been up to.

img_0138As we didn’t know the gender of the baby when I was pregnant and choosing the colour of the room, we went with grey.  When we were painting the room it did look like we were smearing concrete everywhere, but I’m really pleased with how the walls have dried. I especially love the feature wall which is a darker shade of grey, with different coloured hearts attached. My mother helped me put the hearts up with a glue gun, she had made the hearts with different pieces of card she had around her house. We repainted the radiator and finished the woodwork in a dark mahogany gloss.

When looking at the feature wall, there are also two alcoves on either side, where we added shelves. On one set of the shelves I have put items that could be used for either a boy or a girl. We also have his memory book, detailing each milestone he hits. There are a few gifts that Tobias received when he was born that I thought would be nice to be displayed.  The hippo was from my brother and his partner and the star was from Gavin’s sister. The toy train, that my mother bought him as a Christmas present is also displayed on these shelves. On the other set of shelves there are a few bits that I picked up from home shops.  Also there is a candle that I received from friends, some love birds which we received as wedding gifts from my work colleague and my all time favourite book collection – the Beatrix Potter books. Finally my mother and I bought letters from Hobbycraft, painted them white and attached them together with a hot glue gun.  I had seen some wall art on Pinterest and wanted to replicate the idea to create the lovely picture hanging on this wall that spells out “I love you”.

On the next wall, to the right, is where his bed is. We went for a dark wood, sleigh cot bed with matching wardrobe and changing table in his room, which I feel finishes the room off. The cot bed has a drawer underneath, where I store all of his bedding and books. The sensor pad is also in place ready for when he moves into his room. Further along the wall is where his wardrobe is, with his hanging “T” on the door handle. From top to bottom, above the wardrobe is a grey elephant, together with a beautiful grey box which is where I store all of his toiletries and bath box. On the top shelf inside his wardrobe is two boxes, one for vests (short and long sleeved) and the other holds his sleep suits. Underneath these shelves is a rail, where I hang his outfits that he currently fits into. Underneath this is another shelf with two boxes which I store all of his clothes that he doesn’t fit into yet. Finally, the drawer underneath is split into three sections where his hats, mittens, socks and shoes are stored.

If you were to turn right again you would see the big window in his room.  This room is south east facing which means it doesn’t get much daylight and therefore is a cold room so takes a lot to keep to a recommended temperature. The curtains were from Next and matched the other pieces in the room perfectly. We chose black out curtains, which I hope keep some heat in the room aswell.  When you look up, the lampshade is a scene with deer in the woods and this leaves a pretty ambience in the room. There is also Tobias’ baby gym in this area, where I try to take him every day, for half an hour, to play with different toys and experience different textures and sounds.

On the last wall is where my nursing chair is, together with a foot stool for my comfort and a side table. The chair is from IKEA and is very comfortable especially for long feeds. In the background you can see a night light which is a Himalayan Salt Lamp, that a friend recommended and the light that is let off is beautiful (it’s also just enough light for night feeds).  I also have a temperature egg on the side table which tells the temperature of the room at all times (you can see in this picture its blue – which is bad!). Further along the wall is the changing table. On the top is a changing mat with a few toys, to keep Tobias entertained when being changed. In the four boxes on the shelving is where I store most of his items. The top left box is all the items I need for when changing him, together with a first aid kit and medicines. In the top right box is baby towels, bibs and muslins. The bottom left box is where I keep everything I need for the reusable nappy system (which we haven’t used yet!) and everything for his bedtime routine (massage oils, towel and night time books). In the bottom right box is everything feeding wise, so items for weaning and the expressing machine together with bottles etc. Underneath in the drawer is extra items that we will need in the future – wipes, nappies etc! On the end of the unit is a rail where I hang his blue bath support and the laundry basket. Finally right on the end is where the happy disposal system is and believe me when I say, this is a god send!

I hope this was an informative blog post that gives you some ideas for your own rooms, or just lets you be nosey as I know I love to watch you tube videos like this, just to see other people’s rooms!

Much love


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