Three Month Update


Another month had passed already and I can’t remember life without him around, which is a good thing, I think. This month we have just been maintaining the classes and watching Tobias grow and grow and grow.

I have been having problems with the health visitors this month and am struggling to find reasons to go to the drop ins. However I keep going and keep getting conflicting information each time which is very frustrating. It all started when they weighed him early February and told me that for an 11 week old baby he was very malnourished – at the time he was 9 weeks and I ended up having a full blown arguement with the health visitor about his age. I think I should know, I gave birth to him! Since then his weight has become an increasing issue and he isn’t putting on weight according to the graph in the red books provided by the NHS when a baby is born, the graph is based on a female formula fed baby, again this is frustrating as a breast fed baby doesn’t always follow the percentile lines. I was advised to go see a lactation specialist, who told me to ignore the health visitors as he is thriving! I feel like screaming, but I’ve decided that unless he drops weight or isn’t his happy in himself I aren’t fussed about what they say anymore.

Tobias has mastered even more new milestones this month and has developed a strong neck, he doesn’t like to lie down anymore and would rather sit on your knee, facing outwards, to look at what’s going on. He is very nosey and stops mid-feed most times to see what’s happening behind him. He has become a big dribbler and blows bubbles constantly, he also likes sucking on his hand even when he isn’t hungry, which is confusing, but I think his gums are getting ready for his first teeth to come through. He knows who I am and knows that I’m the food giver but he also knows Gavin now and laughs whenever he hears his voice, he probably thinks “here’s the fun guy”. Finally, he has started reaching out for objects and holding things, especially hair, very tightly.


Week nine – Tobias has finally got big enough to start wearing big boy clothes instead of jump suits all the time, his first outfit was the classic plaid checked shirt with jeans and a flat cap – very fitting of a farmers son. This was also a good time to start teaching Tobias about the difference of day and night clothes. It was also the last week for baby massage classes, from here on out we were on our own!


Week ten – I had excess amounts of milk and so expressed some which we used to try to get Tobias on the bottle, it did take a few different attempts but he finally took a bottle of expressed milk which I couldn’t have been happier with. We have tried him again since and he refused so it was only to be short lived. I also had my physiology appointment as I am having bladder problems and I was given some exercises to do and I was advised to take  certain items out of my diet.


Week eleven – was Tobias’ photo shoot. The photographer was lovely and made us all feel at ease, we used the same person who did our pregnancy shoot.  We did some shots of Tobias in an outfit on the bed and then Tobias and I got in the bath together for some more photos, we shall see how these turned out. We also started amazing babies this week, which is a 12 week course which covers lots of different topics each week, the first week was about developing communication.

Week twelve – this week it was time for Tobias’ booster jabs, he didn’t scream as much this time but there was definite tears again. Finally we have established a full bed time routine with him, trying to help him wind down ready to put himself to sleep, this has had many different degrees of success in the last couple of weeks as he has been ill.  The routine is as follows:

  • 8pm – feed
  • 8.30pm – bath time
  • 8.45pm – massage and dressed into night clothes
  • 9pm – book
  • 9.15pm – feed and then rocked until half asleep
  • 9.30pm (ish) – put down in his crib.

Much love

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