Guest Post – 8 Ways to Encourage Your Kid to Clean Their Own Room

It’s not often that I open up my little space on the internet to other writers. I like everything that’s on these pages to be from my heart however when I was contacted by Demi Giles from Clean Start Cleaning Services I thought it would be a wonderful addition for people to have a read.  Demi is here to share her words of wisdom on trying to get children involved with cleaning;

img_0332Every parent knows the situations when they need to literally beg their kids to clean their room and start long and tedious explanations which make the conversation even more annoying. We bet that you have failed to make your children to start doing that on numerous occasions as you simply get tired and eventually decide to do everything alone.

Here are some good practices that will help you deal with the problem and find the right way to encourage your kids to start cleaning their room by themselves regularly:

1. Be a good role model

You can not really expect from your children to clean their room and be neat and tidy you keep the house messy. And that is not all. Being a good role model means that kids should see the efforts you make in the domestic cleaning process, as well as your own enthusiasm in order to be encouraged to join you.

img_03302. Be firm

Do not take “No” for an answer. Do not hesitate and do not give in if your kids refuse to clean and tidy their room. However, you will need to explain that children have their obligations just like their parents and make it absolutely clear that they will need to do what you told them to. There is no place for negotiations here.

3. Be consistent

Even if you are not entirely up to cleaning, do not miss the activity. If you are used to cleaning over the weekends, keep it that way. Remember that it is important to make the home cleaning chores a routine for your children so that they start cleaning their own room without being constantly made to.

img_03284. Make room for everything

If you succeed in implementing this rule, your kids’ room is more likely to be kept neat and tidy. It is good idea to determine the place where toys, clean and dirty clothes, accessories, books, etc. should be placed in order to make your childrens lives easier. This will also make the cleaning process faster and more efficient.

5. Get rid of all unnecessary items

It is important for both you and your children to understand that throwing away or donating the things and clothes they do not need any more is the best way to keep the whole place neat. Also, you need to explain to the children that they should not bring home unnecessary items that they do not need or will not use.

img_03316. Show them how things really work

Demonstration is always the best way to teach children how to properly clean and maintain their room, especially when they are little. Make some time for them and spend a few hours showing them how to vacuum, clean and dust their room, how to fold their clothes and make their bed properly. Of course, you should be patient and show them several times to get it, but this is the right thing to do and we can guarantee you that there will be much quicker results if you leave them to manage all alone.

7. Try looking at things on the bright side

Making some fun out of cleaning just like Camden Town Clean Start does is not a bad thing. It will not be so funny from time to time, but you can at least try making some fun while doing the tiresome domestic cleaning chores. You can also try to make a game for the smaller children and compete who will do the job faster. It really works, trust us.

img_03298. Be grateful

And last, but not least – do not expect from your children to make everything perfect from the first time. Get more focused on making them start cleaning and tidying their room up in the first place, because it is important for them to follow your instructions and at least making an effort. So, do not forget to give them your love and affection and encourage them. Do notice even the smallest achievements and be always ready to show them your gratitude for a job well done.

Thanks go to Demi, who wrote this article and I hope you can take something from this and use in your own home! Here’s to that magical thing called a clean and tidy home!

Much love Rebecca


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