Recent Events – February 2017

img_0335So another month has passed and yet again Gavin and I have been very busy with events going on, so I thought I would share some of February’s memories with you.

img_0342It started with Gavin’s birthday on the 10th February 2017, we had agreed that we wouldn’t do anything big. So I bought him a few goodies and we went out at the weekend for an early tea at Nando’s. This year Gavin had been wearing his tweeds more often than normal, for shooting in. However he doesn’t own a pair of the colourful, statement socks nor does he own gaters so this is what I decided to buy him. I know this sounds like I just bought socks for my husband, but I promise that is a lot of money spent on a pair of socks! Tobias bought his father a phone cover. It has beautiful pictures of Tobias and Gavin on, so I hope Gavin doesn’t ruin it!

As I said in my previous post, we had our photo shoot this month. Jessica J Photography had previously completed our pregnancy photo shoot and we really wanted her to capture a few pictures of Tobias as a baby. She came to our family home where I had set up our bed to take some shots of Tobias in a little outfit, with breeches (too cute!). After this, Tobias and I stripped down and got in the bath together to take some shots in the water. Thankfully Tobias was in a good mood that morning and we got plenty of smiles from him, he was very inquisitive of the camera and couldn’t take his eyes off it – he’s going to be a great model in the future!

On Sunday the 12th February 2017, we went to visit our god daughter who had also had a birthday and turned two! I remember her being born, I remember her at our wedding and I can’t believe she’s two already, it’s crazy! Watching her grow is such a privilege and thinking about the future of her playing with Tobias brings me great happiness. We bought her some spring coloured clothes which I hope she gets a lot of wear out of. We were requested to not buy pink, which proved to be very difficult as everything for little girls is pink!

img_0341Valentine’s Day went by in a flash and we did nothing! I don’t even think we acknowledged it, Doh! I would love to be one of those couples who celebrate this “love” day. Every year I think I’ll do something, like get a marks and Spencer’s meal deal – but i always forget. Having said this I do hope Gavin knows I appreciate everything he does and I also hope he knows that I love him more today, than I did yesterday and I’ll probably love him a little bit more tomorrow!

On the 19th February 2017, we went to a friends christening. It was a lovely day and the weather stayed clear. It was a private ceremony in the church followed by an afternoon tea at the local village hall. The event was peter rabbit themed and even had a cake with peter rabbit on. I fully enjoyed the day and have got lots of ideas for how I would like to put Tobias’ christening together. It did make me think that maybe I should start planning his christening soon!

img_0338We also, have been for a walk to Studley Royal. It is next to Fountains Abbey and is a deer park where you can view and experience everything for free, you just need to pay for parking. There were lots of wildlife to see such as squirrels, pheasants and the best part was seeing the deer. We had the push chair so didn’t dare go too far off the beaten track to see them up, close and personal but they looked breathtaking.

img_0344It was Shrove Tuesday on the 28th February 2017 and just like most households celebrate this day, we had pancakes for tea – well as a dessert! I’d nearly forgotten, so had to dash out and buy all the ingredients. I made the batter and Gavin cooked the pancakes, so it was a team job but they were delicious. However this did spark an argument between us of what should be put on a pancake, I like man extra sweet – golden syrup, sugar and lemon juice whilst Gavin just wants sugar!

I’m looking forward to a quieter March, scrap that, I’m looking forward to having a quiet week sometime. I’m getting really good at not having a day at home! I should have made that a New Years resolution – to stay at home!

Much love

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