Mother’s Day

IMG_0511Well, Mother’s Day! After reminding Gavin numerous times of this day, dedicated to mummies all over the world.  Celebrating the fact that they were raising children and being shown this appreciation by receiving cards, gifts or getting spoilt. Yes, after telling Gavin that I now am a mother and as such are now part of this gang, I was expecting something. Specifically I was thinking, breakfast in bed, a bunch of flowers and a card to go with them.

Instead I ended up running around our local town trying to buy flowers for my own mother on the Saturday.  Then being told to choose my own flowers as well! I didn’t receive a card, until saying something on Sunday morning and then finding a valentines card that Gavin had raided his mother’s card collection from! Why are men useless, specifically my husband?

I shouldn’t have expected anything as this is his typical behaviour for Valentine’s Day and all other special days in the calendar. I guess you could also say I shouldn’t expect anything until Tobias can either make or buy a present himself, however I can’t wait for Father’s Day as I’m doing nothing! A bit of pay back!

Saying this, the day itself was lovely.  We went to Tobias’ swimming lesson and then I went for a walk with my little family and picked some daffodils for our kitchen. Finally we went to feed the ducks at our local pond and Tobias got to see some of the old places I used to play as a child.

We’re currently getting ready for Tobias to start trying solid food. There’s a lot of preparation involved but I think it will be worth it. We have visited a farm shop in Skipton and the range of fruit and vegetables there was impressive. We managed to get everything we needed and now its my job to start puréeing all the different products. I’ve spent the last month purchasing all the equipment that we will need.  I’ve also been researching how one goes about introducing the different foods, so I now feel ready to start and am looking forward to this next exciting  stage in his life.

IMG_0518I felt very strongly about using farm produce as I feel that I wanted to help the farmer and the cost of all the produce was under twenty pounds.  So there’s enough incentive there to keep going back when needed. One of the main points that I have read over and over again in all the baby food books is to introduce vegetables first.  This is to try to encourage babies to have a love for a healthy diet instead of always choosing sugary foods. Don’t get me wrong I will be using pouches when needed and have completed a lot of research to see which brands would be the best. I shall let you know my progress with his solid food journey in the next few months to come.

Much love


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