Easter 2017

Easter Hunt

This Easter felt busy. Each year I love going to collect fresh daffodils from our lane and seeing all the baby lambs bouncing around in the fields. This year I found double headed daffodils which looked incredible but didn’t last long. We took Tobias and the dogs for a walk on the Friday morning and we were able to see all the beauty of spring approaching. Gavin then went off to work as he is re-seeding 50 acres of land. For the rest of the day I stayed at home, batch cooking/ pureeing fruit and vegetables and having a lazy play day with Tobias.

On the Saturday we went car shopping in Darlington. I’d seen a car I was very interested in on the internet but unfortunately the car had been sold ten minutes before we had drove onto the forecourt. This wasn’t a fully wasted journey as we were told about another car in Doncaster that was a possibility. The drive to Darlington had been quite eventful and Gavin proved himself as a father to me that day. Tobias had been kicking off as he was hungry so we had to pull into a lay-by. Typically the farmer turned up and Gavin put his emotions to one side, got out the car and confronted the gentleman, explaining that I was breastfeeding and we would move on as soon as Tobias was done. To our surprise the farmer was very understanding and didn’t seem to be angry or upset once Gavin had explained what was happening.

IMG_0513Sunday came, Tobias and I went to church with Gavin’s mother and grandmother. The service was lovely and afterwards everyone came to say hello. The best part was that Tobias got blessed during communion and he behaved the whole time we were there. However, he is getting heavy now and holding him for a full hour proved difficult. Later on I met up with Gavin and went to a local farm shop, unfortunately it didn’t stock the fruit and vegetables I was looking for so I am going to have to go to another farm shop soon. I need sprouts and a small pumpkin – are these even seasonal at the moment?!?!?

IMG_0565On the Monday we went for a walk as a family around a local reservoir. My mother tagged along as well and made me laugh the whole way around. It wad extremely busy, in fact too busy so breastfeeding was embarrassing and my mother kept walking into people. I think she was doing it on purpose by the end.

The following Saturday we drove down to Doncaster and we have finally found the car we wanted, it was that good we bought it and took it away that day. I couldn’t be happier. We had a Nissan Juke and we have now upgraded to the Qashqai. After looking at many different cars it became apparent that family cars usually have to compromise on desirability. I wanted a vehicle that looked fashionable and not a people carrier. I needed a car that is practical and able to meet the demands of a young family. What Nissan have delivered with the Qashqai is a car that doesn’t look like a hatchback – its roomy, big on space and very practical with an ultra-economical engine. It has a high-up seating position that I’m still trying to get used to and our car came with Bluetooth, sat nav, air con and a 360° reversing monitor which is perfect for parking. We went for the diesel option – the best engine in my opinion – however listening to the news this might be a regret in the next couple of months if they start charging us diesel users for going into towns. Theres certainly power in the car and a big plus is that it is tax-friendly because of the CO2 emissions. It’s a relaxing and comfortable drive and my mother even commented that it felt like a smooth ride.

IMG_0562Much love

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