Review of the Angelcare Bath Support

When you are pregnant and looking at all the things you want/need for your little one the options can be over whelming. There are so many different options on the market you can go for such as a baby bath, bath hammock or a bath support. Originally we got a baby bath – being clueless to all baby related products. It room was apparent how hard it is to wash a new born. We were all arms and legs and ending up very wet.  I straight away got myself onto the internet and did some research into what would be the best option for our situation. We went for the Angelcare bath support in blue, and I have to say it was a purchase that saw us right through from birth, he still happily fits in it and is very comfortable.

The reason I went for this particular support is it is easy to clean, durable and the area for the baby to lie on is soft. Water drains through the support so there is no hassle when removing from the bath. The bottom of the support is slip resistant and its sturdy, we have had absolutely no problems with this support in the bath, it doesn’t move during use and he has never slipped out by accident. The Angelcare bath support has a nice little line so you can make sure you don’t over fill the bath helping to make this a safe option for baby bath time and it also comes with a hoop and a hook to stick it to the wall, meaning that storage isn’t a problem.

This is a nice little functional bath support that has made Tobias and myself love bath times. I love how it is moulded perfectly to keep baby safe and comfy and lets them lie back and enjoy the water leaving me with both my hands free to play and wash Tobias, knowing he is safe. I am amazed that the support is still like brand new even after five months of nightly use, I would even go as far as to say that this product is a must have. It certainly is in our household for baby bath time.

The only thing to watch for is when they get a little bigger, if they can reach the bathtub with their feet, they can brace and push themselves almost out of the seat. Not much of an issue as long as you are right there but certainly something to be aware of.  This bath seat is recommended from birth to six months and I would 100% recommend this product and there is nothing I would change about it. It’s quick drying and means that I can independently wash Tobias without needing gavin to hold limbs and get involved.  Needless to say the baby bath we originally have is now redundant and I babe made good use of it by storing all of Tobias’ old clothes that he has now grown out of – I really do need to go through all those clothes!

Angelcare Bath Support

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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