Six Month Update


Half a year, HALF A YEAR!!! Its strange to think that this time last year we had just announced that I was pregnant, now look where we are in life, how times change. We still have no teeth but this isn’t for a lack of trying. I feel like i use the excuse that he is teething every day when he isn’t his happy self. We have a sturdy sitter who likes to arch his back when you hold his arms so that you can pull him up to stand. I still don’t feel confident enough to leave him in the sitting position as I feel that he will inevitably fall over when I’m not looking.

We are fully on board with weaning now and I for one are enjoying our taste and texture journey – even if our little alien isn’t all the time. This month Tobias has slowed with hitting those milestones, his most noticeable one is that he is sitting. He can also confidently stand by himself whilst holding onto a stool. I do feel like he has gone through a growth spurt and this usually means there’s a new skill coming shortly. He turns towards sounds and voices and likes nothing more than to jabber away to himself. He shakes his head in a ‘no’ like motion and finds this amusing. One thing that does surprise me is he knows it’s him in the reflection of a mirror and not another baby. Gavin and I have tried different ways to test these and he does know to look behind him if gavin is behind in the mirror! He continues to blow bubbles at everybody (I claim this is teething) and he confidently rolls in both directions much to my dismay. He reaches out for people when he wants to be picked up. Finally, he drags items closer to him when he is doing tummy time and loves nothing more than to bang his toys and make as much noise as possible.

Week twenty one – was Easter weekend we didn’t do much on the Saturday but on the Sunday we went to church where Tobias behaved himself for a full hour and then on the Monday we went for a walk as a family, together with my mother around a local resovoir.

Week twenty two – on the walk I found, what can only be described as, an explosion of browny black mucus in Tobias’ ear so I took him to the GP to see if he had an ear infection, the GP checked both ears and couldn’t see inside due to a huge build up of ear wax so he sent me off with guidelines of how to look after his ears going forward. On the Friday we went to a sensory room in town with some of our lovely mummy friends. The space was great they had lava lamps, different coloured lights, chilled music and different bits of climbing apparatuses. All that for £2 as it was part of the children’s centre, you just can’t go wrong.

Week twenty three – we went to a group at the local library where they sing and interact with toys related to nursery rhymes, unfortunately Tobias managed to fall asleep half way through it. Much to my surprise as there was 75 children there that day! Other than that we spent a lot of time out on the farm this week, where we watched a milking session, Gavin seeding with his new toy (a drill that attaches to his tractor) and picking up the first cut of grass of the year.

Week twenty four – Gavin, Tobias and I went to a friends christening on the weekend which was followed by a BBQ. Tobias wanted to try all the different foods and we found that he loves marshmallows. We also went to a weaning workshop which talked about first tastes, I was disappointed with the talk as I had already passed this stage and was looking for advice on breastfeeding whilst weaning but they didn’t touch on it.

IMG_0699Week twenty five – after owning our sofa for five years I felt it was time for a professional clean and I am so glad I did. You don’t realise how much dirt your sitting in every day until you get something like this done. It was definitely time for us and I would highly recommend everyone to do this on a regular basis. Tobias and I both suffered from a summer cold as well this week – we struggled for two days so I went to sleep at my mums to try catch up with some much needed sleep – of course she caught it as well! Finally we went to watch the Tour de Yorkshire that came past our house this year, Tobias was enjoying the environment and everything that was going on until a police car came past and honked his horn, which made Tobias jump out of his skin and start crying, for once I managed to get it on camera – check out the video here: YouTube

Much love

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