My Changing Bag


I love seeing other bloggers posts about what’s in their bag whether it be a regular handbag or baby bag, I just love having a nosey. There is no doubt that as your baby grows some of the contents of your bag change. Here is what I carry in my bag for a regular day out into town at the moment. It does change depending on how long I’m going out for and what time of the day I’m going out.

As your changing bag doubles up as your handbag, I have to fit all my bits in as well so for me I have:

Purse – babies are expensive!
Tissues – for Tobias and myself to use
Car keys – we wouldn’t get anywhere without these!
Phone – my lifesaver!
Paracetamol – for those moments where a headache creeps up on you out of nowhere
Lip balm – for those dry lips
Make up – to make me feel human, everyday!
Brush – to keep me looking acceptable in public!
Bobble – now Tobias has started to pull hair, a bobble is always found on my wrist and in my bag to keep out of his way!
Hand sanitizer – I use this all the time, whenever I change a nappy etc.
Sunglasses – to be fair, I have only used these handful of times this year so far – British weather is shocking!
Chewing gum – just in case I forget to brush my teeth, which has never happened, honest!
Contact lenses – I hate wearing glasses so always put in contacts, there’s many a time when they gave fallen out so these are a must in my bag!
Nail file – surprisingly this isn’t for me really, if ever I see a stray nail coming off Tobias, I will use the file.
Go pro camera – to capture all those moments of my little man hitting milestones or making me chuckle.

IMG_0742For Tobias we have:

Changing mat – I’m not a germ-a-phobe but I like to put this on the surface where I’m changing him, just in case!
Nappies – these are a must have!
Baby wipes – not only used for nappy changes, now he’s weaning I seem to go through a pack a day!
Nappy bags – again not just for nappies, I use these for many different things.
Nappy cream – we’ve been very lucky that Tobias hasn’t had bad nappy rash but I do like to put some cream whenever there’s redness.
Calpol – I’ve never had to use this when out and about yet, but just in case.
Plasters – again for those whoops moments (I imagine these will be a necessity when he starts walking)
Thermometer – I find this useful even to just determine if he needs a coat or layers taking off.
Snacks – now that Tobias is on solids I try to make sure I have a little something with me at all times.
Spare outfit – I seem to go through three outfits a day at the moment, I need to find better bibs (preferably a jumpsuit as food seems to go everywhere).
Plastic bag to put soiled clothes in – I don’t always have one with me but do find these useful to make sure everything else doesn’t get dirty.
Sippy cup – he’s very good with a cup so I try to give him water whenever possible.
Small toys – for entertainment when he starts to get grouchy.
Hat – in case it’s sunny.
Mittens – in case it gets cold.
Blanket – which can be used to keep him warm in his seat or to sit/ lie on.
Muslins – useful for everything, I love the feel of these ones from Aden and Anais.
Soother sterilizer – I did a post on this amazing device which is a must now!
Teething granules – I don’t think these work but he likes the sugar rush!
Saline drops – runny noses seem to be a regular occurrence for Tobias and the saline drops are very useful.
Vapour rub – I don’t always carry this and do need to restock.
Sun cream – I never seem to use the right amount, he’s either white from too much or I haven’t used enough.
Sunglasses – he hates these but I think he looks super cute with them on!
Bibs – usually a cloth one which is useless but I do use them when he’s excessively dribbling.

So there we have it; that’s a nose at my bag. Now that we are weaning I wish I had a bigger bag or at least something with lots of small pockets for all the extras I now need to carry around with me. Babies require a lot of stuff! I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s always fun to have a nose at what people!

Much love

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