Seven Month Update

This month has been a quiet month, he is in a definite good mood currently and thatmakes everything seem just that little bit easier. We celebrated Tobias christening at the end of the month and what a great day that was, but I’m planning on doing a post on that next week so keep your eyes out for that. Tobias’ favourite thing to do at the moment is singing “I’m a little teapot”, he loves the actions and his laugh is very adorable (if I do say so myself)!

With regards to milestones I can confidently say I was right last month, he was going through a growth spurt as we now have a little crawler. He chases after toys and now has become a terror on the floor everything is at his grasp and I feel the house is not ready, meaning the house is a health hazard for my little man. He’s a moody little boy and when he wants something or isn’t happy he will let you know. In fact one day he was having a screaming fit and I didn’t go to him straight away, when I eventually did, I found he had banged his head whilst rolling – bad mummy moment I know, but he shouldn’t cry wolf all the time! He’s becoming more interested in the details like how a wheel on his toy car goes round and how sellotape sticks to everything.  How zippers go up and down and how pressing buttons on the remote control change the programmes!

Week twenty six – overall this week was pretty chilled we visited the park for the first time where Tobias had a go on a swing which he loved.  He also tried the roundabout and the slide but didn’t think too much of these. We also went to the local toddler group which was great.  The people were very welcoming and it was nice to see a lot of my old friends from school.

Week twenty seven – was the bank holiday where we visited tropical world in Leeds.  I particularly wanted to go to see the butterflies which I thought Tobias would love and he had the time of his life.  We were all pleasantly surprised by the water and the dessert section where we saw different types of fish, meerkats and creepy crawlies. It was definitely worth the money at £6 per person (Tobias was free) and we can’t wait to go back when he is more interactive and able to walk. We also had a lovely meal with the family at the weekend as it was Gavin’s sister’s birthday.

Week twenty eight – this was also a quiet week, we visited the dentist as a family and did some last minute shopping for the christening that was coming up. Because the christening fell on a swimming day we were able to swap and on the Tuesday we went to a lesson in a different pool with a different teacher. It was lovely to see how someone else took the lessons and it’s nice to see how much Tobias is coming on in the water. This was also the week that Tobias decided it was time to start crawling! Click here to see him in action.

IMG_0801Week twenty nine – this week was very eventful, we went to the auction on the Monday. Where Gavin got kicked in the groin area by a cow, all this whilst in the ring (mid sale) he was thrown across the ring and an ambulance was called. We ended up spending six hours in hospital but thankfully nothing was broken. Whilst this had been happening, I had fallen down a set of stairs and gone over on my foot to get to Gavin. I didn’t think anything of it but that night once the adrenaline had worn off, my foot was in so much pain and had doubled in size. I’m still in pain from it now. Because of this for the rest of the week we ended up helping Gavin on the farm.  We went testing soil to see the analysis of the composition to see what nutrients (if any) need to be added – day in the life of a farmers wife!!!

Week thirty – finally Tobias’ Christening Day came and of course it was the hottest day of the year. The Saturday before was spent running errands to get ready for the big day. Followed by the church and after party on the Sunday. It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait to share more about the day next week with you all.

IMG_0802Much love


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