Eight Month Update

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis month has all been centred around The Great Show. The week of the show is always a busy week for us all as the whole family want to go, organising everybody and everything is always going to take a bit of doing. We went on the Thursday and what a day it was! There was so much going on and so many people who wanted to meet Tobias he didn’t get a sleep which then affects his night time routine and dealing with a grumpy child is never easy! Hey ho – it’ll be better next year – who am I kidding!

With regards to his milestones his main accomplishment is that he is able to lift himself up to a standing position from sitting or lying down. We’ve been focusing on waving and clapping which isn’t coming very easily to him as some days are better than others. He’s getting faster at crawling and can speedily get himself around the house (even up the stairs, the other day)! He cruises around furniture while holding on and seems to understand the word “No” – which gets said at least five times an hour now. He’s started with the separation anxiety and I can’t leave a room without him crying his heart out but he is ok with me leaving him completely for appointments!

Week thirty one – was a standard week for us but as we weren’t able to go to the swimming class on the Sunday we decided to go swimming as a family. On the Saturday, the three of us went to the local swimming pool where there is a specific shallow pool for babies. It was very busy but we were able to enjoy ourselves and put all that we had learned from the classes into practise.

Week thirty two – I went out with some of my mummy friends this week without babies. We went to Harrogate where we went to a cocktail bar and caught up on baby and non baby related subjects! Other than that we spent the week helping Gavin on the farm with his second cut of grass do this year.

Week thirty three – on the Monday, Tobias and I went to the library in town, where a couple sing nursery rhymes. We have seen them before and they are an adorable old couple who really bring the nursery rhymes to life. We also went to Ikea. At the weekend! Why do we always do this to ourselves! Of course it was busy but we managed to pick up what we went for and we also managed to have fun at the frankie and bennys next door for lunch.

Week thirty four – this week was dedicated to the Great Yorkshire show. Gavin’s parents went on the Tuesday and his grandparents went on the Wednesday. So we went on the Thursday (sharing members badges) and thankfully it’s the quietest day. The weather stayed fine thankfully and we were able to get around with the stroller and carrier quite easily. It was lovely to see everyone and introduce Tobias to some of Gavin’s showing friends. As I said earlier we struggled with the sleep and he ended up collapsing whilst snacking on cheese (he’s a crazy boy). We bought the cutest tractor and trailer pull along toy to try and entice Tobias to crawl. We finished at a new restaurant in Harrogate – Gino Di Campo’s for dinner. I have mixed reviews about this place as the food was lovely but overall i didn’t think they were very baby friendly (we did go at 5pm so it wasn’t that late)!

IMG_0945This month has been full of fun and family life is finally settling in and becoming the norm! We also had our first tooth arrive this month, i nearly screamed “About Time”! After the whole ordeal of teething we didn’t even realise that it had arrived and I’ve been told that once they start, they all come at once!

Much love

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