Weaning Update

IMG_0945It’s amazing how the build up to weaning your baby can bring so many different emotions. The anticipation of the unknown and the need to have as much knowledge as possible make for a scary prospect. I was so apprehensive to start with but after reading a few books, comparing notes with friends and daring to try new things it seems to just be a normal daily task now of feeding solid food to Tobias. I don’t know why I got myself so worked up about everything, i really enjoy coming up with new ideas for food for him to try!

We started on puréed fruit and vegetables, after two weeks of solely this we then went onto mixing flavours and adding herbs and spices to the mix. We soon moved onto introducing pastas, rice and different types of beans, mushed up. Following this Tobias then started on trying all the potential allergic foods such as egg, dairy, nuts and wheat. Finally we tried him on all the meats, starting with white meats and moving onto mince and sausage. After six weeks of purees, Tobias decided he was too independent for being fed and wanted to give it a go himself. When I wouldn’t let him hold the spoon he would clench his mouth shut and would stop eating (he definitely has an attitude). So after a couple of days of this and not getting any food into him I decided to change to baby led weaning and we haven’t looked back since.

IMG_0951Tobias has three meals a day together with one or two snacks (if we can fit them in). He usually manages to drink a cup of water throughout the day too. We start with breakfast which can be Weetabixs, toast or porridge. Lunch is usually what I would call a lunch box. Dinner is what ever we are having, which makes cooking very easy, I just have to watch what I’m adding and cooking with (for example oils, salt and sugars).

Tobias’ favourites foods are definitely matching his fathers. If all fails and he doesn’t like what we give him I can guarantee that if I give him cheese or yoghurts he will eat them all up. A big favourite of his is also the Kiddylicious blueberry wafers which usually is one of his snacks for the day. He loves his water and I recently changed from a Tommee Tippeee sippy cup to the munchkin 360 non drip cup after a recommendation from a friend. Since then he seems to have upped his intake of water. Of course, Tobias is still getting breast milk on demand, this usually falls when he first wakes up, mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, a bottle of formula at bedtime and then one or two (if it’s a bad night) feeds through the night.

I’ve recently started giving him whole peas and sweet corn for him to home in on his motor skills and start to develop his pincher movements. He loves to play around with them on his tray and it can also keep him busy whilst I cook tea or get chores around the house done.

The type of foods that I would typically include in a lunch box are:
Soft cheese sandwiches (with the crusts taken off)
Carrot sticks
Cucumber sticks
Cheese string
Water melon slices
Berry rice cakes

In all weaning is an extremely positive experience for us, I think it helps that Tobias loves his food. I can’t wait till he can have ‘normal’ meals when we go out instead of me carrying around half of my kitchen every time we venture outside!

Much love

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