Mummy Friends

Now I know I have only been a mummy for eight months, but in my journey I have come across a whole range if new people. Some very scary people and some I would love to be able to have as long time friends. There’s definitely stereotypes that I have come across and I even know which type of mum I am. As difficult as it might be to make mum friends, it’s always worth the effort—there’s absolutely nothing like them. There’s no one else in the world that I feel able to speak to about all matters baby related such as periods, poo or the dreaded sleep subject. Whether you have a small, tight-knit group of mummy friends or a contact list in your phone a mile long, here are some of the common types you’ll find:

You might never see her in real life, but without fail she “likes” every photo you upload of your baby. In return, you make sure to leave reassuring comments every time she posts a panicky update and you have daily conversations on messenger about what the latest problem your dealing with or which milestone your baby has reached.

The one with drool on her shoulder and sick in her hair. The one who seems stressed about everything but you love her because her house is a mess and the backseat of her car is a garbage dump.

This mum is clued up on all things fashionable and knows the must-have toys your child needs this Christmas. She knows the words to the latest songs and all the names to the coolest boy band. The children love her and seem to congregate in her direction as she is also very likeable.

She must sleep in her makeup, because no matter how early you meet for coffee or how late the mummies night out lasts, she always looks flawless. Shes very modest and claims she just threw her outfit on and didn’t even look in the mirror.

All her birthday cakes are handmade, she sews all her children’s clothes herself and she makes all her baby’s food from scratch. She’s the has-it-all-together stay-at-home mum. She’s always cheerful and her house is immaculate. You find yourself being mildly jealous of her.

Her kids are a few years older than yours, making her your go-to resource for every question baby related. If you use your relationship right, this necessary mum friend can save you both money and time. Best of all, you know she just gets it and she’s always in your corner, like a cheerleader spurring you on.

You arrange playdates for the babies just so you can see each other. When your child has a public breakdown, she tells you that happened to her just yesterday. And she never judges when you forget something. She’s that perfect combo of somewhat frazzled (to make you feel normal) and somewhat dependable (so you can trust her with your kids in an emergency). She needs coffee as much as you do and she knows how to take a joke. You thank God every day for her being in you life.

Her child eats and sleeps whenever they feel like it, and she goes along for the ride. She’s uber laid back, especially for a first-time mum, and has a positive ‘go with the flow’ attitude about motherhood. She doesn’t believe much in discipline or the word “no.” Nothing about having a baby seems to faze her. And she’s always late for everything but doesn’t seem to mind. These mums always seem to be baby wearing as well and make it look easy. Best of all, she isn’t bothered by apps and where her baby should be in phases, her baby will hit those milestones when they’re good and ready.

This mum is the worrier, the one who always has to be there to see what her baby is doing, just in case. On the rare occasions she lets someone else take care of her child, she intervenes constantly with commentary and instructions.

This mum undoubtedly loves her child but she doesn’t want to give up her career or lose her independence in any way. She usually has gone back to work before her full maternity has run out, because of this she is able to pay for the best nursery in the area and can give great advice on the work life balance we all want.

Is how Princess Diana was once described by her own sons. She was described as a whirlwind, she would walk in on bath time, cause lots of chaos like adding more bubbles to the bath and creating lots of laughter she then leaves, just like a hurricane. This type of mum comes into your life, is full of energy, talks none stop and by the end of your time together your ready for a quick cat nap!

Unfortunately this mum has been dealt a bad card in life. Her baby just seems to be allergic to everything. Food, nappies, clothes or going out. Whenever you invite them over you have to consider what activities your going to be doing, what food to serve and if you need to baby proof anything. This mum can also be the one who’s child always had a cold or runny nose. It’s always worth while having bubble wrap at your disposal, just in case. However this person will always have a soft spot in your heart because they are always the nicest mums in the world.

This mum was at all your pre classes and you hoped you wouldn’t see her again but for some reason now shows up at all the baby classes you go to. There’s just something about her that makes you not want to become mummy friends but shes always there and shows up to all the same sort of activities that you go to.

Disclaimer – this is me! This mums baby hits all the targets on time, just like the handbook says or even before and she wants to let everyone know (all the time!). This mum is always pleased when your baby reaches a milestone or achieves something but secretly gets jealous if her child wasn’t the first or the best!

What I have found is most people cross into the different types on a regular basis, depending on what type of day they are having and what stage of the wonder weeks app they are at!

Much love

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