Review of Aden + Anais Muslins

IMG_1045Brief Start/First Impressions
When you are pregnant, there’s always a long wish list of items that you require/ would like for your baby. As a first time mum I thought a muslin was a muslin and they all did the same job! Silly me! I originally bought the normal muslins from mothercare and soon realised that they weren’t the best and once washed never kept shape or looked as nice. So after reading reviews and talking to other mums i thought I would try the Aden + Anais muslins. Oh my, they are a game changer!

Features and Benefits
Thanks to the high quality cotton muslin, Aden + Anais muslins are the ultimate in breathability and softness. The fabric has a light, open weave which allows a baby’s body temperature to regulate itself naturally in order to prevent overheating, and it gets softer every time you wash it! Not only are these great for swaddling, but thanks to their generous size, you can also use them for a nursing cover, floor blanket, stroller cover and more!

What I Think
I had a horribly hard time deciding which collection to go for as they are all beautiful and after a lot of debate, I settled on the grey stars collection. I absolutely love the prints and couldn’t be more pleased with my choice. After washing and drying several times, these blankets are so soft and snuggly. I’m hooked on Aden + Anais and I am already contemplating what pieces of their collection I want next! I have also been bought the Winnie the Pooh burp cloths which are fab, they were made from the same material and can be put around your babies neck for dribble, feeding etc.

Generously sized
Super soft
Luxurious feel


Overall Feedback
These blankets are expensive but because of their lightweight, soft, cotton muslin and generous size they have multiple uses which outweighs the price and makes them a must have purchase. All in all, if you are looking for something a bit different, these muslin blankets are really nice and ideal as they can be used for so many different things! For me these are definitely a must buy and Aden + Anais have hit the nail on the head, combining comfort, functionality and design into one.  In fact, we were so impressed that they’re now my go to baby gift for new mamas.IMG_1047

aden + anais swaddles

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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