Look Back at Hospital Bag

I thought it would be useful both for myself in the future and any mammas to be to go back through my hospital bag contents and decide what is actually needed! I remember there was a lot of items I didn’t even touch so there would be no point in taking those again! I had two bags packed, one for my items and one for Tobias’ items. There was a lot in both bags but I am definitely glad I had them pre-packed – Gavin wouldn’t have had a clue and I wasn’t in the right state of mind when the contractions started!

Lets start with the contents of the bag for the baby, we didn’t know at the time what se he would be so everything was neutral, overall I did need most of the items packed or Tobias:

The definite items that I needed were cotton wool (for those first black poos), water wipes (which the midwifes don’t tell you off about and can be used for EVERYTHING), nappies (I packed 20 and that was fine for the two nights we were in hospital) short sleeved vests, hats and sleep suits (I can’t remember how many I packed in the end) I had also packed a going home outfit for him which was from JoJo Maman Bebe with little white sheep on – it was so adorable and I have kept it for Tobias’ memory box. Blankets and Muslins (I used these for just about anything – swaddling, cleaning up messes, burping, makeshift bib or as a comforter).

The items that I packed but didn’t need in the end were mittens (most sleep suits have these integrated so I won’t be buying any in the future), pram suit (the one I packed for the journey home was too big so pointless and they are a bulky item). Finally, towels (I packed dark ones for the arrival, however in all the labour commotion, no one got them out and I didn’t need them as the midwives provided some).

Going onto the list of items that I packed for myself:

Towels and a flannel (for after the birth, However I shall be packing dark coloured ones for myself in the future). Nursing night wear, dressing gown and slippers – I lived in these at the hospital and for two weeks after the birth. Since then I have lived in nursing bras and find they are best for comfort and ease of breast feeding. Dress and sandals, which I wore to come home in (I struggled with wearing trousers and found loose fitting clothing best at the start). Lucazade, drinking water and food (I didn’t use these during labour but they came in very useful afterwards as midnight snacks). Maternity pads, breast pads, knickers and disposable pants. Face wash, shampoo and conditioner, shaver, body wash and a buffer. Tooth brush, paste and mouth wash. Hair brush, glasses and contact lenses. Hair spray and dry shampoo. Finally, deodorant and perfume.

The items that I didn’t need were the water spray, hand gel & eye spray. Witch hazel, perineum gel & nipple cream. The head phones & chewing gum (seen as the hypnobirthing went out of the window when the contractions started).  Money & tissues.  Bobbles, grips, lip balm, body lotion & face wipes. Make up – I just didn’t have time to put make up on and I am still trying to find the time now!

Finally, the car seat, which is a must to be able to leave the hospital and get safely home, ready to start your new life with your little bundle of joy.

Much love


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