My Breastfeeding Journey

211BE4B3-E013-4C4D-9A86-3D96CEA68AC9My breastfeeding journey has been an easy one compared to others stories I have read, luckily! Tobias took to breastfeeding like a duck to water, it was instinctive and he didn’t need any help from me or the midwives. I stayed in hospital for two days when he was born to establish breastfeeding and make sure all was going well and we’ve never looked back since.

Now I am nearing the end of my breastfeeding journey I am in two minds of how I feel about it. In one mind I’m excited for the next chapter and how I won’t be as tied to Tobias, every four hours but in the same thought I struggle with that closeness we have with each other and I think overall I will miss breastfeeding.


I give a lot of credit to Tobias as it has been very easy and natural. I thank him for helping me feel confident with breast feeding in general, but especially in public. I soon became accustomed to feeding whilst out and about and by the end I don’t even care what people think. I started out thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy breastfeeding, the feel of someone sucking on your nipple! That just creeps me out! But it’s so much more than that and Tobias has given me the confidence to think ‘I can do this’ and ‘i want to do this in the future’! I sure hope I get the opportunity to do so, if baby number two, three or how ever many we have allows me to.

I feel very strongly that a baby fed is a happy baby and what ever someone’s choice, it must be their decision. I’ve sat with many different people and listened to their stories, good and bad. I’ve listened to positive and negative remarks. But for me, breastfeeding was easy and I’m glad I stuck at it for (what will be) eleven months. Anyone wanting or willing to try breastfeeding should definitely give it a try, there’s a lot of research that show’s the benefits and there’s so much equipment out there for support, weather it be guards, creams, gel pads for relief or even breast pumps for combo or bottle feeding.


There’s so many products that I could recommend, but my breastfeeding essentials are:
Breastfeeding Pillow – I went for a cheap and cheerful one, which I fell in love with and ended up buying a second.
Maternity Bra/ Vests – I’ve found it really hard to find nice nursing bras and I ended up using vests instead.
Nursing Pads – an essential for most breastfeeding mamas to prevent those embarrassing leaks through your clothes.
Nipple cream – helps to soothe cracked or sore nipples. I used it a lot in the beginning. I opted for the type that didn’t need to be removed and reapplied at every feed.
Hydrogel Pads – You get immediate relief from any cracked or sore nipples, and they feel like heaven if you get mastitis.
Water Bottle – I had drinks on every level of the house when Tobias was first born, now I just carry one bottle around with me, everywhere.

I write this whilst weaning Tobias onto formula and bottles. This is in preparation for moving onto cows milk at twelve months and as I am going away at the end of October for a week, without him! Fingers crossed my boobs will reduce in size and I’m left with happy memories.

Much love

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