Review of Ewan the Dream Sheep

Brief Start/First Impressions
Tobias was always an absolute nightmare sleeper from being a newborn! I tried many different methods and tricks but nothing seemed to help, so I gave in and bought Ewan the Dream Sheep when Tobias was two weeks old. I was willing to try anything and thought it was worth a try as I just wanted more than one hours sleep at a time, I was at my wit’s end and i remember thinking please let Ewan work, please….

Features and Benefits
Ewan the dream sheep is said to be a simple yet effective tool for settling restless babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber. Cute and cuddly, the sheep can attach securely to cot bars, onto a highchair or a pushchair.  He hangs on to items with his velcro tail. It plays real heartbeat and womb sound combinations that mimic the noises, babies hear inside the womb. These comforting sounds have been proven to be effective for settling and calming even the most restless newborns, as they make the difficult transition from womb to world. Ewan also doubles as a nightlight, thanks to the soft pink comforting glow! Ewan can be turned on for twenty minutes at a time, if you want to turn it off sooner, just hold one of the feet for five seconds. It is also useful to bear in mind that Ewan is battery operated and needs three AAA batteries.

What I Think
Tobias loves the look of Ewan and gives him lots of hugs and kisses, however as a sleep aid he never worked for us.  You might be surprised to hear me say, that I am not dismayed and look forward to using it in the future with other children.  The reviews read well and it seems to work for most people. I think the fact that Tobias wasn’t used to Ewan from birth may have had an affect and he wanted silence in his room to sleep. Therefore, I do wish we had discovered Ewan the Dream Sheep earlier, as maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be in the situation we were in for months before trying the crying sleep method.

Easily moveable
Noises mimic in the womb
Easily set up – just needs batteries
Glow on chest

Didn’t aid Tobias’ sleep

Overall Feedback
I aren’t disheartened that it didn’t work for us as there’s so many people that it has worked for.  Therefore, I would be willing to try this in the future. It is a high price tag for such a simple item, that you can download the noises onto your phone for free, however for ease and quality it’s a definite positive investment in my opinion.

Ewan the Dream Sheep

Much love

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