Review of Sensory Toys


Review of Slumber Buddies Luna the Lamb
With a new baby, you hear so many new and different products recommended of what helps your baby sleep. Slumber Buddies from Summer Infant is something that lots of my fellow new mums had really loved, so I was keen to try one out and see, it took me a while to choose which to go for as there are many different stuffed animal versions in the series that offer different lullaby and white noise settings. They also provide a light up star show on the ceiling. You’re spoilt for choice in the designs you can go for, with eight very cute versions available and I decided to go for Luna the Lamb because it went with my nursery theme.

Slumber Buddies are quite multi purpose. The main purpose would be as a sleep aid, as they’re quite soothing and the light show plus lullabies can hopefully soothe baby to go to sleep on their own, when put down in a sleepy but awake state in their cot. They can also be used for play time, Tobias loved to listen to the music and we would often lie on the bed, turn the lights off and watch the lights together as an activity. If you use it with the lights off, the star show rotates the stars through three different colours (red, green, blue). The star light effect is really good because of the domed shape on top of the Slumber Buddy,  the lights spread really far and wide and cover the whole ceiling very effectively. The lights don’t move, it’s a static light projection, but it is very well done. There is a 3 level volume control in the toy, and it does come with the batteries already included. Tobias preferred the nature sounds when he was younger but now enjoys listening to the lullaby music whilst falling asleep. When you open the velcro on the bottom, you can access the controls and set the music and lights to have a 15/30/45 minute auto shut-off, depending how long it takes your baby to fall asleep or how long they’d like it on for.

I would recommend Slumber Buddies, they have a good combination of features and are much more versatile than a cot mobile which might offer some of the similar features like music and lights, as you can easily travel with it, or play with it in different rooms of the house rather than just using it as a sleep aid. They are so cute, and a really nice comforting toy for a baby to have.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies

Review of The Penguin Bubble Blowing Machine
Tobias loves playing with bubbles, so I went to Boots to buy this product for bath time use at home. Before buying this item, I t used to always end up in a mess.  When just using a tube of bubbles, they would go everywhere and the liquid meant that i slipped on the floors afterward.

I love that there’s a continuous stream of bubbles that make for fun times in the bath. It’s easy to clean and operate, with a simple on/ off button. There’s plenty of bubble machines on the market for very reasonable prices, however the design and cute penguin shape of this product is brilliant and works well in a bathroom setting. It does need to be refilled on a regular basis (every bath time) which can be annoying. It uses four AAA batteries, which aren’t included.

I think it’s a great buy for children, to add a great feature to your bath time routine!

Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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