Life Update – November 2017

2B2BCA12-FA04-47EF-A738-64A251F580EFThis weeks blog was supposed to be about what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks as there’s been a lot of different festivities going on. Such as the clocks went back, it’s been Halloween, lots of birthday parties, Remembrance Sunday and also bonfire night. However, because of Tobias getting hand, foot and mouth, it meant that we have had to miss out on a lot of the activities.

Since Tobias recovered, I also picked up some flu like symptoms for a week and was laid up in bed not able to function. So life has just been mellow and indoors mainly for the last three weeks! Whilst I’ve been inside I’ve been sitting indoors planning, Tobias’ Birthday and the Christmas plan for the month of December! Which leaves me with, what do I write about this week!

So I thought I would talk about my confirmation with the church that I recently completed. For the past couple of months I have been meeting with the vicar on a weekly basis to discuss different parts of Christianity. Looking at the church calendar, what God and Jesus mean to people, how a Sunday service is put together and so many other parts.

On the evening of Sunday 19th November 2017, I went to our local church where six people were getting confirmed, four young people and two adults. A local, retired bishop came to help with the service that lasted an hour and a half, which was followed by drinks and cake with the whole congregation afterwards. My family came to watch, even Tobias behaved himself the entire time, with no crying fits or tantrums!

As part of the service I was able to partake in my first communion where one goes up to the alter to receive bread and wine. This was a strange experience, where I felt I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly, but after speaking to my vicar afterwards I have found there isn’t a right way to do it, the communion is a time where you can connect with God and think about Jesus’ last meal.

The Confirmation service to me means that you are confirming your baptism or christening from when you were a baby. I wanted to get confirmed into the Church of England when I was getting married, as I originally am Methodist and wanted to join my husbands church, however time got on top of me and I didn’t get round to doing it. The other reason I wanted to get confirmed, is to restart my journey in Christianity, during primary school I was a loyal supporter and went to Sunday School every week. Then during high school and my early twenties I did question my faith. Now I think I have found myself and would like to revisit my beliefs.

Much love


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