The A to Z of me Tag!

14AD2814-C907-45BC-B965-15DC986450D4I have seen so many people doing this tag and felt inspired to do it as well. Just little snippets of different parts of my life, that may give you an insight into me! So here we go:

A is for Autumn, my favourite season. I love the colours and the fact you get to wear chunky jumpers all the time. The nights are drawing in and you can get all cozy with an open fire.

B is for blogger. I have been blogging for over a year now and what started out as a hobbie is now becoming a huge passion of myn, that I can’t see ending any time soon! I love it.Rebecca & Gavin Wedding-509C is for cows. My husbands true love! If it wasnt for the cows I wouldn’t be able to live in the beautiful countryside and get to experience the life I have. I’m very thankful to each of them and I hope they realise what they do to help our family, as thanks we give them extra cake at Christmas time!

D is for dogs. I actually have four dogs on farm. The Labrador lives outside all year round. Then two cocker spaniels who live outside through the day in the kennels and come in at night. We also have a fully retired cocker spaniel who lives round at Gavin’s parents house all the time. I love my dogs and love watching Tobias interacting with them too.

E is for Emmerdale! If I miss an episode I am not a happy bunny and god help Gavin if he watches it without me.

F is for the farm. I know it’s cliche, but farming is a way of life and not just a job. It surrounds our whole life, we live, work and play here. Gavin can’t not talk about farming – he knows nothing else!IMG_1039G is for Gavin, my gorgeous husband, who I love like nothing else! He brings me lots of joy and brings out the best in me. Let’s hope he doesn’t get to much of a big head from reading this!

H is for hens. I love them and aren’t allowed any! This is a yearly argument between me and Gavin! He asks me what I want for my birthday and I always reply Hens! It’s not just a want, it’s a need! One day I will have them but what annoys me the most is, Gavin is allowed pheasants but I’m not allowed hens!! Makes no sense!!

I is for ice cream. Don’t ever buy me ice cream I hate it, it gives me brain freeze every time! I aren’t much of a fan of custard either so it’s always cream on my desserts, please!

J is for James. My step dad who died in December 2015. He meant an awful lot to my mum and me and I still miss him every day.

K is for kitchen. We renovated our kitchen in March 2014 and we still haven’t finished it off. Every time I go in the room it winds me up that the electrics need boxing in and the step needs rounding off. I’m making it my mission to pester Gavin to complete the room for 2018.img_0290L is for lambs. Pet lambs to be precise. In March/April 2016, we got twenty five pet lambs that I looked after every morning and evening. However we also discovered I was pregnant around that time too and soon after wasn’t able to look after them, what with nausea and extreme tiredness! We still have thirteen of those pet lambs and they always remind me of that time in my life.

M is for my mum. She’s nothing less than superwoman. She fights the biggest wars, is always on hand to help and is my rock. I may have hated her as a teenager but it was surely because were the same person!

N is for nose – I hate my nose it’s the worst part on my body – it looks like a witches nose, I get it from my mum!

O is for orange which is my favourite colour and favourite fruit. It’s bright and energised, just like me! Ha!

P is for planning! I’m a big planner, I have lists for my lists and feel like I life is just a little easier if I have a list in place.

Q is for quad bike! We haven’t got one on the farm currently, so can’t take Tobias on rides out. However we do plan on buying a little version when he’s older (we’ll put the low gears on only though)!IMG_0696R is for Rebecca! That’s my name, it’s me! Somes me up, no end!

S is for swimming. My favourite keep fit activity. I think swimming is an essential skill that everyone must learn. Even if it’s just for safety, everyone needs to get into water and learn the basics!

T is for Tobias. My beautiful first born son! The best present anyone could ask for! He’s exactly how I imagined him! Full of beans and very busy. He will hopefully become the fifth generation of farmer on our farm.

U is for udders! Obviously, udders are where we get the milk for each and everyone of you to enjoy!

V is for village. I’ve always lived the village lifestyle, where you get to know your neighbours and all the gossip of what’s going on around the area. I’ve lived elsewhere in my tiny life but feel nothing is better than round this area of the country!B6C7775E-C09D-44E9-B7B2-366C85DDD497W is for wellies. Around the farm, we live in wellies. I think I have to buy a new pair every year. I can’t wait for Tobias to own his first pair, he’s going to look so cute.

X is for Xmas! Who doesn’t love Christmas time! This year I’m making it last a full month, with different activities to do at home and out and about. It’s all about setting our own traditions now!

Y is for youth. I envy my youth, you don’t know how much you will miss it till it’s gone. I realise my choices have lead me up the path I lead today but sometimes I do wish I’d done things differently when I was younger.

Z is for zodiac. I’m a Libra which means I’m always trying to balance things out. I don’t think I do this very well!!DB3CD8B1-325C-4AA8-80E1-045FB25DCB2A

So that is me. I hope you enjoyed this!

Much love

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