Letter to my One Year Old

Dear Tobias,

Well we got here! From the day you were born I didn’t think I would be able to look after you let alone help you grow. But look at you, full of beans walking around like you own the joint! Me and you are tied, not just by DNA. It’s something bigger, something that I just can’t explain but I promise you will understand one day when you have your own children. It’s a bond that means I will look after you and help you no matter what as long as we shall be together.

How do I put into words how much you have meant to me and all my family. You have changed all our lives by just being around, in the same way it feels like you have been here forever! I can’t remember life without you and I certainly wouldn’t change you or our life for anything. Over the past year I think i have felt every emotion known to man. From over joy, to feeling like a superwoman all the way down to the lows, feelings of despair and tiredness that no person would ever willingly experience unless it was for a reason such as yourself!

I remember those first few weeks that were filled with endless feedings, nappy changes and bouts of crying that we could only put down to colic as your daddy and I had no clue what the problem was. I thank the lord for you being as gorgeous as you are, otherwise I don’t think I would have got past the first three months of having you!

However the newborn stage flew past us in the blink of an eye and we started to see your mischievous personality with the attitude of “I will conquer today and achieve more than expected”. Why can’t you stay this size forever, why can’t we be stuck in this bubble of cuteness and proudness you bring me each and every day. Every day it seems like you’re learning something new and i do look forward to see what will happen in the next year!

It is already clear that you are independent and you try to test our limits at every chance, i hope you stay this way in your life as it brings great humour to me and i can’t help but laugh when you give me that look. You can be sweet and affectionate when it suits you with lots of kisses and cuddles. I especially love when you get tired because all you want is hugs and it melts my heart every time.

You’ve taught me so much about myself as well! I can be patient when needed and I have learnt the true meaning of unconditional love. There is no hurdle I wouldn’t jump, no person I wouldn’t kill, no ocean I wouldn’t swim, just to make sure you were ok.

The saying goes “the days may seem long, but the years fly by” and this couldn’t be closer to the truth when it comes to you. I know that the next year will bring a lot of new challenges, both good and bad but I promise I will always be there for you making sure you are ok and loving you no matter what happens.

Much love
Mummy Bear

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