Review of Jumperoo

img_0298Brief Start/First Impressions
Tobias loved his jumperoo, we got ours second hand from a local buy and sell group but it did the job perfectly. It was the first item where Tobias was able to be in an upright position and he loved this feeling. He would jump excitedly as soon as he was placed in the Jumperoo seat – possibly a reflection of his energetic self! He loves the toys provided such as the batting toy and the light shows. He could be occupied for at least half an hour at a time.

Features and Benefits
The Jumperoo is suitable for all babies, max weight of 11.3kg and height of 85cm
Height-adjustable seat, that swivels 360 degrees
Music, lights and loads of toys to keep little ones entertained

594AF216-D68A-409A-9B42-20B0F68A11D5What I Think
The instructions were clear and it is very straightforward to put together. I felt the seat was comfortable for Tobias but I think it could have been even more padded around the sides where his legs go through the holes. The fact that the Jumperoo grows with your child is a great asset, you can easily adjust the height when needed, this is a good feature to gain the most use from the product. The removable seat fabric is machine washable and safe to use in the dryer. We had a spare seat cover which was useful for a quick swap over. However, some people would really need to consider if they have the space for this item and the logistics of packing it away as it is bulky and needs a lot of space for bouncing babies!

Fun for baby
Easy to clean
Peace of mind to know baby is safe


Overall Feedback
Even when Tobias was small we used to put a cushion underneath his feet to help him reach the floor for extra bouncing! Overall, we were very pleased with this product and despite the bulky frame we wouldn’t want to be without it for the all-round entertainment and stimulation it provides whilst giving me the much-needed respite. Definitely a must have for all babies around six months onwards. I’m extremely lucky to have enough storage to put this away for any future children we have and I can’t wait to get it out again.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Baby Bouncer

Much love

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