Christmas & New Year 2017


This Christmas was very different to last year! Tobias was four week old last year and didn’t know what was going on. This year he opened presents and was much more of a handful! We celebrated Christmas with friends and family and the day seemed to fly by! On Christmas Eve, Gavins sister came round as I had asked her to put together Tobias’ Christmas Eve box. She had stuffed the box full of everything for a little one and it was perfect. PJs, Books, DVD even a little elf door to put up!

We started Christmas Day by waiting for Gavin to come in from the jobs around the farm and then Tobias opened his Father Christmas presents. We then got dressed and went to the local church, where Tobias was perfect throughout the whole service and he came up with me during the communion, where he was blessed.


We then went to my Grandmothers house where we met up with my Mother, brother and the rest of the family. We were given a huge spread of food for our lunch, which consisted of a turkey dinner and all of the trimmings. It then came time for opening presents, but of course Tobias thought it would be the appropriate time to want to sleep! We received some lovely and unique presents including Tobias’ most favourite present which was a racing car!

Before we knew it, it was time to come home as Gavin had to complete the evening farm chores. When he came back in from work, we then went round to Gavin’s parents home. We had our second turkey dinner closely followed by the opening of presents with his side of the family, Tobias was given an electric car, which he still isn’t too sure about! Fingers crossed he gets used to it soon. On Boxing Day we had quite a chilled out day playing with all the toys and tidying the house.

BF90F31A-8D03-472D-BBAE-A6EF616B9BFDThe rest of the week was busy, the Wednesday we went to the Emmerdale studios in Leeds for a look around which was lovely, I would have preferred to have gone around at our own pace instead of as a tour. The Thursday we went into town to do some food shopping. On the Friday it snowed so bad we couldn’t get out the house so went for a walk around the farm grounds and on the Saturday we went into Leeds to do some shopping.

On New Years Eve evening, after Gavin had finished his jobs on the farm, we went around to Gavin’s parents house who were hosting a party. By the time we had eaten and all the guests had arrived Tobias was ready for bed! Gavin took him to bed at 9.30pm and must have fallen asleep himself, so I watched the London fireworks on the television on my own and went to bed shortly after. On New Year’s Day our neighbours were hosting a party so we went round where we were spoilt for choice with all the food, Tobias was able to play with the other children who were there and we even got some presents!

395B6AE9-32D6-4BFA-A0A4-BDEB3ED8AD69Next year will be an even more different Christmas for us, Tobias will be two years old and should have more of an understanding of what’s going on. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Tobias changes over the next year and what his personality will become. I hope each and every one of you managed to enjoy your Christmas and from my family to yours we wish you a fantastic 2018.  I know this year will be one of the best for me and my family!

Much love

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