Tobias Has a New Job Title

5CE16B31-0670-4E29-B66A-A852CB2CFF98So it’s time to spill the beans as to why I’ve been quiet for so long! It turns out Tobias is being given a new job title this year! “Big Bro”!

Yes we’re pregnant again (more like I’m pregnant and Gavin is tagging along with the fun!), with baby number two.

We found out in December that we were expecting and couldn’t have been more shocked! I had only stopped breast feeding in October and didn’t think I would have been so fertile. Turns out even without periods I was ovulating and able to conceive! That been said we couldn’t be more excited and giddy for the next venture in our lives!

As soon I took the test I called my mum and delivered the news to her. She didn’t believe me so I went to her house, there and then, and took a second test that said we were further on then I had thought!

8ACD4D8C-39C9-43EA-B663-C071A4BBA291When we found out we hoped that we would be able to get the first scan before Christmas, so we could surprise Gavin’s family with the news. Unfortunately when the date came through the post, it was between Christmas and New Year, so we decided to surprise the family regardless.

On Christmas Day we went round all our families and told them our news, which to our surprise, everyone was expecting and no one was shocked. Finally on the evening, we put together a treasure hunt for Gavin’s dad and at the end was a glass bauble with the inscription “we’ve been keeping another secret from you”.

On the 28th December we went for the scan at our local hospital where everything was found to be ok. We were given the due date of 14th July 2018. However going off Tobias’ due date against his actual day of arrival, I estimate that this baby will be here by the end of July! I was also asked to take some blood tests, so they could check for down syndrome and other potential risks, the test results came back clear after a week.

In the first eight weeks I had no symptoms expected of being pregnant but as soon as I found out, the sickness started. This made me start assessing everything and really I should have worked it out! I have been suffering with morning sickness every day since and it doesn’t look like it’s going to subside any time soon! I’ve also noticed my hair getting thicker and my skin becoming more spotty. Thankfully I haven’t suffered from the extreme exhaustion and I haven’t experienced any heartburn yet! So there’s always a positive to everything! This week (week fourteen) I’ve started to purchase my maternity wear and the bump has finally popped and I can’t hide being “just fat” any more!

I’ll update you in the future as to how Im getting on!

Much love


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