Review of the Cybex Sirona Car Seat


Brief Start/First Impressions
Choosing a car seat was a big deal for us. It’s probably the most important piece of kit to own as a parent and can be costly if you choose wrong. After all, it is something that ensures the safety of your precious bundle When the time came to upgrade from an infant car seat we wanted something that was designed with all of the latest safety tech in mind, adaptable to the growing size of a little one and easy to install and use.

The Cybex Sirona seems to be working well for us, so I thought I’d share our impressions on it with you. This is a product which definitely catches the eye. The Sirona is available in a range of vivid colours (and black) including the orange version (which in my opinion is garish). On top of it promising safety, it’s also a suitable and comfortable car seat for the next stage from an infant car seat, the design is a bonus too. Tobias was nine months old when we moved him across and overall he seems happy in it.

92D62739-AAC2-4FE8-8BBF-5340293C1308It’s well padded and soft to the touch, and the shape of the seat means that he’s both snug and has enough space to feel comfy. I’m glad that the Cybex Sirona has machine washable covers, the seat covers and padded chest pieces are easy to remove for cleaning and can be popped in the washing machine.

With an integrated ISOFIX base this seat isn’t on the light side, but as it’s designed to stay in the car that isn’t an issue. Gavin tells me the seat is easy to install, adjust and remove. One feature we love is that the seat rotates 360 degrees at the push of a button, meaning it’s easy to load/ I load Tobias an when the Tim comes moving him from rear facing to forward facing.

Features and Benefits
Rear-facing from birth – The Sirona is both a rear facing and front facing seat, making it suitable from birth all the way through to approximately your little one’s fourth birthday or 105cm tall. Rear facing seats have been found to be much much safer for children to travel in when they are young and parents are required by law in the UK for babies to travel in this way until the guidelines set out for height based or weight based seats are met.

616FF8B9-BAF2-4260-A636-56FCB72DDC67Five point harness – The harness is simple to use and easily adjustable.

Adjustable impact shield for forward facing – Once you do turn the seat around to be forward facing, there is an additional safety feature of an impact shield. This is secured on the front of the child and is able to absorb the energy of any impact and significantly reduces the strain to the neck.

Adjustable seat position
Different colour choices
Easy to install
360 rotating seat
Easy to clean


DDDC7295-E4E6-4334-932E-62D22CDE8C9BOverall Feedback
The picture above shows how comfortable Tobias is in the car seat, even when I’m trying to remove him he doesn’t stir from a sleep!  We absolutely love our Sirona. This seat is of a high quality, it’s safe and stylish. I think it’s fab that it offers new parents another option to the regular infant car seat thats on the market. I feel safe in the knowledge that if anything was to happen whilst travelling about,Tobias would be protected from any impacts resulting from an accident. He is comfortable and happy, and looks rather good in it too I think!

CYBEX Sirona Car Seat with 360° Swivel and ISOFIX

Much love

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