First Trimester – Second Time Around

8683A632-E971-4EFC-AAA7-3FC0BD041E55Shock, euphoria and finally realisation of what’s to come our way we’re some of the many thoughts that crossed my mind whilst watching the stick change to a cross, confirming the pregnancy! In the saddest way it was only because I felt like taking a test that we found out! I hadn’t had a period in over two months and couldn’t work out why not, I put it down to stopping breastfeeding! Gavin didn’t even know I was going to take the test, he came up the stairs, Tobias in his arms to ask what was taking so long! I hadn’t had any symptoms of being pregnant, so we were very unprepared for the results of the pregnancy test.

My mother had already said she didn’t want me to keep any secrets from her anymore, so I called her there and then! She didn’t believe me so I went down to her house and took another test in front of her for proof. It was one of the digital tests this time and said I was over five weeks pregnant.


I booked in with the midwife that flyer on as I genuinely had no clue of my dates. When meeting with her she took my bloods, weight and height. It was an hour long appointment where we went through all of my pregnancy history and both Gavin and ours family histories too.

As soon as I learnt that I was pregnant the morning sickness started. I’ve felt rough ever since and seem to pick up every cold or flu symptom that’s going around! I’ve also become a lot more spotty and my skin care routine doesn’t seem to be combating what’s going on with my hormones at the moment. Thankfully I haven’t suffered from the tiredness this time and have noticed my hair is a lot thicker all of a sudden, which is always a plus. This leads me on to my hunch that this is a girl, it’s already a very different pregnancy from the first time round!

On the 28th December 2017, Gavin and I went for our first scan. The experience wasn’t much dissimilar to the first time being pregnant. No “Congratulations” just straight down to the business of checking everything medical-wise. The baby was in the correct position, so We didn’t take long in there at all a change that had been made is that you now have to pay for the pictures to take away with us. I was also asked to take more blood tests, so they could check for down syndrome and other issues, the test results came back clear after a week. The best part of the day was that the due date was confirmed as 14th July 2018, meaning I was eleven weeks pregnant.

I have since bought a memory book so I am able to jot down key dates and keep all the memories of our growing bean. I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Much love

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