Products to Teach Walking

At around 6 months Tobias wanted nothing more than to walk everywhere, however his head and his body weren’t in agreement which meant that Gavin and I had to help him stand all the time.

Following on from using the jumperoo we decided to get a sit in walker for him to use in our downstairs area. The first great thing about the walker is that it can grow with your little one. With a simple click button system you can change the height so that it is suitable from 6 months onwards.  Walkers can feature comfy, soft, seat units that easily attaches onto the base unit and finally they usually have some sort of a toy section that clips onto the front of the chair to keep little ones entertained.

We fell in love with the walker as it meant we didn’t have to hold him constantly and he could be put down and be independent, but he always had the ability to follow us. I would say it’s definitely worth the purchase and we would very much recommend it as a fun way of encouraging your child to gain confidence with walking. One thing to bear in mind is the negative comments online, some people believe it can cause leg growing problems, so try to keep the height of the seat in the correct position for your little one.

Great value for money
Very strong and sturdy structure
Great, interactive toy section
Grows with your child

We had purchased one previously with only four wheels, one in each corner and it didn’t push along as easily as Tobias’ which had 8 wheels in total.

Baby Walker


EB21EDE1-1A95-4ADC-B50D-C533BCFB77BFWhen he turned eight months old, Tobias was showing signs of taking his first steps so I purchased a VTech First Steps Baby Walker second hand through the Facebook selling group. However it wasn’t in perfect condition and I decided to purchase a new one instead.

The first thing that’s a winner for me is how easy it was to assemble. When opening the box, the front toy panel is easily attached to the frame with a click catch, and can be removed so the baby can use it on the floor. The batteries can be inserted at the rear of the walker panel, then all you need to do is push in the two legs provided and you’re good to go.

Tobias absolutely loves it and even though he can walk confidently on his own now, he still likes to play with the walker toy section. The panel has flashing lights that keep little ones entertained and the music is very catchy which he really enjoys. By nine months Tobias started to walk independently and I do put it down to the vtech walker building strength in his lower core and leg muscles, together with giving him the ability to test his limits with him always knowing he had the safety of the walker close by.

Great value for money
Very strong as able to hold baby
Great, interactive toy section

What seems like such a silly comment – but the phone isn’t attached to the toy section so kept going missing!

VTech First Steps Baby Walker

Much love

*this is a collaborative post, all opinions are 100% honest and our own.4E0C75F8-E7DF-4147-8020-44EE323C263D

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