Feeding a Toddler

IMG_1044Mealtimes are proving to get more difficult as Tobias gets older. Trying to fit in lunch, around his one and only nap time can prove challenging and most days I get it wrong! Thankfully he isn’t a fussy eater and he is willing to try anything, which makes life a little easier for me!

I try to give him the same as what Gavin and I eat on an evening, but sometimes I like to mix it up with giving him one of the Annabel Karmel ready meals. He loves the pasta based ones, especially the tuna pasta bake. They are designed for ages one to four. There are no artificial additives or preservatives and the meals can be ready in minutes.

035ACB0A-A8A0-46A9-A9FB-487EA768CB44Every day he becomes more independent, which means he wants to feed everything to himself, with either his hands or with a fork and spoon. He’s getting really good at loading and feeding himself. Of course this ends up with the inevitable full clean down of child and kitchen after each meal time as it proves to get more messy as he gets older!

Tobias also loves fruit, which is a great snack or dessert to any meal. I always have snacks on standby such as the teddy bear crisps or fruit based gummy sweets by BEAR.

Here’s our routine that I try to stick to:

Breakfast: 8:30am
Consists of weetabixs with milk and a slice of toast with butter. I also try to give him an orange or other fruit. All served with a cup of water. I usually have the same and he likes to eat off my bowl or plate too.

Morning Snack: 10:30am
Tobias’ snack usually includes either a yogurt, an apple or a fruit pot. If we are out and about, then I’m sure to pack the fruit gummy sweets.

9FB7D589-6993-4E0E-9A26-25114AB4F015Lunch: 11:30am
Lunch is usually like a packed lunch. It consists of a sandwich (tuna is his favourite) or pasta (just like his dad). A bag of teddy bear crisps and strawberries (which he goes mad for)! Together with a second cup of water.

Afternoon Snack: 3pm
The afternoon snack is less messy and is usually stringy cheese, which he goes crazy over!

Tea: 6pm
As I said Tobias is usually given what Gavin and I are eating. Followed by a dessert of some kind, such as fruit or a yoghurt.

So there you have it. As you can see, our day revolves around food. The main point I think about Tobias is that he is food obsessed, he’s becoming a chunky toddler and I do feel I should double check quantities for his age as he is a bottomless pit!

Much love

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