Mother’s Day & A Typical Week

96005AD1-675C-4B76-9B96-4DC3D1B77399Mother’s Day this year has changed dramatically compared to last. Gavin didn’t need reminding numerous times about the event that was coming up. He did very well all by himself, managing to surprise me, in a good way for once. I got a quiet breakfast by myself, whilst Gavin fed Tobias. I then got spoilt with a card, chocolates and flowers, carried to me by my own little man. I then went to work for the afternoon and when I got back, tea was ready and waiting to be served. Overall I couldn’t have been more chuffed and felt very loved by the end of the day.

My weeks have changed completely since January, getting a lot more structured and routine led, especially since Tobias has gone down to one nap a day. So I thought I would share a typical week with you, I’m sure it is due to change again once the new baby arrives.


Monday, is usually a chill day for me and Tobias. The morning involves playing at home or visiting family then after lunch and his nap, we go swimming. We get home in time to see dad before he goes out for evening jobs on the farm and then it’s time for tea and the bedtime routine.

Tuesday is catch up day at home, it’s the best day for me to see friends or go to toddler groups. I’m usually decluttering or tidying cupboards if we don’t go out, there always seems to be a build up of crap in my house! I try to get out with Tobias in the afternoons by going shopping, going for a walk around the farm or going to the park. It’s bath night on a Tuesday, so after tea Tobias has a bath and then it’s bedtime routine.

EE54609F-71B5-41FB-8132-ABDF1437C79FWednesday is nursery day, so I use this day to clean my house. I do a quick tidy and clean throughout and then a deep clean in one room, each week is a different room. Also, as I work on a Sunday I tend to go to church on a Wednesday morning, where there is a small service with no singing! Tobias always wants an early night on nursery days, they must do a lot of activities there! So when he gets home he has an early tea and is usually in bed as Gavin is coming in.

Thursday is my mums day, so we go see her for the day. Sometimes we have a lot of jobs to do at her house, if not I’ll try to make her leave the home and go out somewhere. Tobias has tea at my mums house and then we go home, where Tobias has a bath and then I get him ready for bed in time for dad coming in.


Friday is another nursery day for Tobias. On these days I run errands, going to the local village for my fruit, veg and meat. Then going through to town to Sainsburys for the rest of the groceries. By the time I’m done it’s time to pick Tobias up. When we get home, we have a bit of playtime together which is always fun! Dad comes in for his afternoon drink, then we he goes back out Tobias has his tea and then bedtime routine starts.

Saturdays is Gavin’s day with Tobias. I go to work in the morning and am usually back for lunchtime. We try to do something in the afternoon as a family but we have to be back for 3.30pm so Gavin can go to work on the farm. Its bath night for Tobias and most likely takeaway night for us as well.

2A8FC4B7-5370-4771-8465-FA1C33340B68Sunday’s we spend the morning together as a family and I go to work in the afternoon. Tobias goes to my mums from midday until 6pm. I pick him up on my way home and then it’s usually Sunday dinner and chill out time until Tobias is ready for bed.

Every day is different. Emergencies can arise. There is the possibility of sales reps dropping in at any moment for a chat so that can always change our plans. The great thing about living on a farm is unless we need something or there’s an appointment we have to attend, we don’t actually need to go out. I’m very lucky to have this life and love every second, even though it is baby and farm led, sometimes I do wonder when I’m going to find myself again but there’s plenty of time for that, I want to grow my tribe first and foremost!

Much love

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