What’s in my Bag & Pacapod Review

A87140A9-4873-440E-98DC-D21189E1CF54I did a changing bag tour when Tobias was six months old, things have changed in recent months so I thought I would do an updated post. The bag contents do change depending on how long I’m going out for and what time of the day I’m going out.

Currently I’m using a Pacapod changing bag and couldn’t be more thrilled. I managed to find it cheap in mothercare, as the changing mat was missing, this didn’t effect me so what a bargain! Every Pacapod bag is designed with a three in one organisational system that combines a main bag plus removable pods for feeding, changing and travel. The bag is nice and roomy, the shape means that the three pods fit neatly into the bottom and there’s extra space on top for extras. The first pod is insulated to keep milk or food at the right temperature. The second is for nappies and wipes. The third is transparent and is where I keep all the first aid kit items.

The Pacapod is able to organise everything I need for myself and Tobias, everything has its place and always looks tidy inside. As my changing bag doubles up as my handbag, I have to fit all my bits in as well so for me I have:

IMG_0742Purse – babies are expensive!
Car keys – we wouldn’t get anywhere without these!
Phone – my lifesaver!
Paracetamol – for those moments where a headache creeps up on you out of nowhere
Lip balm – for those dry lips
Hand sanitiser – I use this all the time, whenever I change a nappy etc.
Sunglasses – not used these in a while!
Contact lenses – I hate wearing glasses, so these are a must in my bag!
Hat & Gloves – in case it’s cold

For Tobias I carry:

Changing mat – I like to put this on the surface where I’m changing him
Nappies – these are a must have!
Baby wipes – not only used for nappy changes!
Nappy bags – again not just for nappies, I use these for many different things
Nappy cream – it’s a tester pot that I got free in a bounty pack
Calpol – baby paracetamol, I suppose they can get head aches too!
Plasters – for those whoops moments
Teething granules – I don’t think these work but he likes the sugar rush!
Thermometer – I find this very useful
Snacks – I like to have something with me at all times
Drink cup – he’s Avery thirsty boy and can go through five cups a day
Small toys – for entertainment when he starts to get grouchy
Hat & Mittens – in case it’s cold

IMG_2225So there we have it, the bag has been condensed somewhat; making it lighter to carry. Thankfully toddlers don’t require as much stuff, however four months from now I imagine I’m going to need an even bigger bag, with more compartments! I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s always fun to have a nosey at other peoples stuff!

Much love

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