What I’m Buying Second Time Round

The daunting task of buying all the items needed for baby number two made me nervous to start with. So, I decided to deal with the problem in the only way I know how, to make a list! I started by going through my original baby list from preparing for baby number one. I decided which items we didn’t need to buy again and then went through the list that was left and decided if I really needed it or not, using m new found knowledge of what I actually used last time. I also added some bits from my nice to have list, this time as well.

IMG_1003Maternity Clothes
If you are expecting your latest addition in a different season than your last child, like me, you will likely be needing new maternity clothes. My mummy friends laugh at me as I did throw away all my maternity clothes once Tobias was born, so it was inevitable I would have to buy more.

Nappies etc
I had not prepared myself enough for how many nappies, wipes, cotton wool and nappy bags I would need, so when Tobias came along it was a quick dash after he turned a week old to buy more. This time round, every time we go food shopping and I don’t need to buy nappies for Tobias, I stock up on size one for the new baby. Tobias was in size one nappies for the first eight weeks of his life so I should be ok with the millions I have purchased so far! I’ve also bought a tube of nappy cream so I’m prepared if I need, however it wasn’t until Tobias started on solids before we had nappy rash issues.

IMG_1002Breastfeeding Supplies
Nipple cream came in very useful last time in the early days when breast feeding with a newborn so I’ve got a tube ready to use. The nursing clothing and bras both fall in the same category as the maternity wear, I threw all my nursing clothing away so had to buy new this time. I didn’t use Breast pads with Tobias but wanted a pack for just in case. Finally, my breastfeeding pillow, from first time round, looked well used so I treated myself to a new one.

Feeding Supplies
I had bottles and ready made formula for Tobias for if he didn’t breastfeed and have done the same again this time. I was against dummies to start with but found that Tobias just wanted to suck on something at times and also helped to console him, so I’ve bought a pack again for this time. I’ve also bought a handful of bibs and muslins. Tobias wasn’t a sickly baby at all but I want to be prepared in case this one is different.

Baby Clothes
I don’t know what I’m expecting this time, which was the same situation when we were expecting our first child. A lot of the clothes we used for Tobias got marked, sun damaged or didn’t wash well so I’ve bought new again this time. However I know that I had excessive amounts of clothing last time so haven’t bought half as many.

The two items that I really do need this time round is a room thermometer and a baby monitoring system. We are going to use the same Moses basket, next to me crib and eventually the same nursery furniture (cot bed , wardrobe and changing table). We are buying a new toddler bed and wardrobe for Tobias though. Bedding wise, this does mean he’ll be needing new bedding to fit and I wanted to get some new gro bags for the newborn. Finally I am still toying with the idea of getting a sleepyhead, I just don’t know if they are worth it as they are a big investment.

Travel system (pushchair with carry cot and car seat)
I have kept the travel system and car seat from when we had Tobias. However here lies the problem, I wasn’t overly happy with the silver cross surf and want something else this time. If I choose something that isn’t by the silver cross brand, this renders the car seat useless as it won’t attach to any other type of pushchair, which is a requirement of my’n as I used this way of travelling so much when he was a newborn. Because of Tobias’ age I’m also considering if I need a double buggy. However, I have a baby carrier so could use this and Tobias genuinely hates his pushchair which makes me think what’s the point! I’ve also purchased another car mirror so I can keep an eye on both kids when driving around.

lx3715_2Bath Time
I need next to nothing for bath time. I’ve bought two new hooded towels and two new flannels just for freshness more than anything else.

Babies don’t need many toys so the only things I have purchased is a high chair toy, a pram toy and some new teether toys. These are more in preparation for the future than to use straight away.

Hospital Bag
Finally, I had a lot of the items for my hospital bag and just needed to stock up and purchase the below:
Maternity pads
Perineum gel
Drinking bottle with straw
Baby gift to Tobias
Tobias’ gift to baby

I hope you found this blog post useful. Maybe I have gone over the top with the extras as I do have the basics for a little one, maybe by baby number three, four or ten I won’t need to get anything!

Much love

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  1. Aww I’m sure I’ve missed this news. Congratulations!!
    I didn’t bother with cotton wool with 2&3 you don’t have time. G was 2 when the baby was born and I got one of those proms that you can attach an extra seat to. I’m not sure if silver cross do one.
    As for the sleepy head, I know people rave about them but if you managed first time without one, I wouldn’t bother. I’d get some new toys and activities for Tobias so he is occupied when you’re inevitably tied up with the baby x

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