Easter Events 2018

8E4EE213-D219-498B-9A3C-29F862ADAB77This Easter felt busy, I had two weekends off from work so tried to fit in a lot, such as visiting friends and shopping for the newborn.

Each year I love going to collect fresh daffodils from our lane but this year we haven’t had any bloom yet. Gavin had the normal Friday morning vet visit and came in at 10am. We all got ready and headed to Thorp Perrow, where we met up with some friends. Tobias had a great time playing in the adventure play park and exploring the woods but soon got tired and we came away at 2pm. I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful part of the country, lots of woodland and gardens to explore and a wildlife park, with birds of prey and wallabys that you can get up close and personal with to feed.

On the Saturday we went to view some potential travel systems for the next baby at mamas and papas. I think I’ve made my mind up but it does mean we need a new car seat and an isofix base as well. I had a few other bits I wanted to buy too so had a look but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So we quickly ventured to mothercare as well to pick the bits I needed for the hospital bag. We had lunch out which was eventful as it fell just when Tobias started to get cranky and tired, typical! Thankfully he slept in the car on the way home.

Sunday came and I went to church on my own, I just wanted peace from my crazy life to acknowledge Easter Sunday for what it is, the day of Jesus’ resurrection. The service was lovely and afterwards everyone came to say hello. Later on I met up with Gavin and Tobias so we could go for a walk around Harlow Carr. We did an Easter trail there but Tobias was not in the best of moods and ended up wanting to be carried the whole time. When we were leaving we looked at the queue at Betty’s tearooms and decided we would go for lunch at Birchfield ice cream parlour and tearooms. I’ve never been, even though it’s so close to us! But I did forget that pregnant people shouldn’t be around lambs being born so we weren’t able to go around the place.

On the Monday we went to White Rose Center. Tobias had actually slept in on this morning so it was a quick change before setting off. Our journey wasn’t very good as it had snowed overnight and there was a crash on the way that appeared to be a pile up! We managed to get there for my appointment on the Bobbi Brown counter, where I picked up some new makeup. Gavin was able to have his scone with jam and cream in the cafe and then we came home. I also purchased a new changing bag for when I have two children’s stuff to carry around everywhere, so expect a review in the next few months to come.

The following Saturday, we went to get Tobias hair cut for the first time, overall he did great, he’s just a wriggler. But he looks much better now, instead of the unkempt look he was showing off last week. We also went to buy paint to start doing the nursery up and we went shopping in ripon for a few bits around the house. I’ve needed some throws for the settee for a while now (children and light coloured sofas don’t go) and a door mat for dirty shoes! Whilst we were there we picked up some lunch and then headed home in time for Gavin to start evening jobs on the farm.

Finally on the Sunday we had a very chilled day, we took the dogs for a walk around the farm land, which is still water logged and then watched a movie in the afternoon. Gavin was thankful for the rest after a busy few weekends – I also think he was happy to be getting back to normal day to day life! So, next time I have time off work will be when the baby is due, which seems very scary as I’m in my final trimester!

Much love

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