Second Trimester 2018

BEA86252-7069-4EBC-9189-124AE313F7CBFollowing on from my post about the first trimester, to keep you up to date with where we are at with our second pregnancy, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to talk about the second trimester and what we have been up to.  Just the same as my first pregnancy by week thirteen I started to show, I didn’t look just fat anymore and I could pass as being pregnant. I also started to go through our current baby related items to establish what we would need to purchase, this time around.

Week 14 was a tough week, I rang my work to tell them the news. It was a hard conversation as I have only been working there a short time. They couldn’t have been any nicer about the situation, it was a huge relief!

Week 16 I visited the midwife for the first catch up after the twelve week scan. As long as everything is going smoothly you don’t need to see your midwife as much for your second baby, which leaves me in two minds, is it a good thing or not??? She checked all my vitals, urine sample, blood pressure, weight and asked how I was getting on. She referred me to see a specialist about my third degree tear (from giving birth to Tobias) and finally she had a listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Week 19 on the 19th February 2018 we had our mid pregnancy check up at the hospital and a further scan. At this scan you can find out the gender of your baby, however we both opted to keep it a surprise, just the same as the first pregnancy.  The scan went fine and didn’t take long. I also met with the specialist regarding my tear and she has sent me for further tests at Leeds to see if I will be able to push a baby out!

A08A32C1-2BEA-4550-89E4-C1584E007ABDWeek 20 was when we went on holiday to Center Parks. Whilst we were there, I saw the first kick which was very special. Typically, Gavin wasn’t in the vicinity and missed everything! Just like Tobias was, whenever Gavin puts his hand on my belly the baby goes still and doesn’t make a peep!

Week 23 – 26, on the 28th March 2018 Gavin and I went to Leeds for the further tests, I’m not going to go into detail (as it’s something I just want to forget about) but I’m sure you can imagine how uncomfortable and invasive it was! We now have to wait for the results which leaves me feeling very nervous, I just keeping telling myself, what will be, will be! On better news my mum came up and we finally got round to decorating the nursery.  Tobias is now in his toddler bed, ready for us to do up his new room (once the newborn is here).

Week 27 was my next midwife appointment, please bear in mind it’s been two months since I’ve seen her! She did the usual checks, where she listened to the baby’s heart beat, checked me over to make sure everything was OK and more blood tests were taken for analysis.  It was also time to start measuring my bump, so I think I’ll be seeing her on a more regular basis now (every three weeks).

Week 28 Gavin and I went for a 4D scan, Gavin’s mother also came with us to be able to see the baby for the first time.  We went back to the same place we went for our first pregnancy and it was just as good. The little bean was very active throughout the experience and it was very reassuring for me that every time it moved on the screen I could feel the movement inside me. The baby was very shy to begin with and hid behind its hands and sucked on its feet so we didn’t get a clear image straight away, however towards the end it did let us see its full face and we were able to see its facial features.

10AF6A83-8F5B-4386-AB1D-AF2104554F67Now we are in the final trimester, all seems to be getting a little harder. I am getting far to big to be able to pick items off the floor, I can’t pick Tobias up and I feel uncomfortable all the time. However, nothing can beat the feeling of those kicks and the reassurance that comes with it.

Much love

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