Day In My Life – May 2018

62321128-8089-4E84-86C2-4D3D826C4826I usually do a recent events update on my blog but I thought I would change it up a little and do a day in my life this time. Obviously this isn’t a regular day in the life, as I did it on the May Bank Holiday. Gavin had the daytime off and we were able to have a family day, which is rare for us all, currently! I thought I was a busy person, but writing this blog post made me see just what I get up to!

05.00: Gavin got up to do the morning jobs on the farm. He always makes a lot of noise and usually wakes me up whilst getting ready to go, if it isn’t that it’s his alarms that go off every two minutes that wakes me!
07.00: I do manage to drop back off once Gavin leaves but Tobias wakes me up wanting his bottle around 7am, Im able to doze whilst he drinks.
07.30: He’s usually done with the bottle and we get out of bed. I then get myself ready for the day and then get Tobias changed and brush his teeth. We then head downstairs.
08.30: Is usually the time we have breakfast and Gavin joins us as he’s finished on the farm.
09.00: Gavin gets showered and changed whilst Tobias plays with his toys and I catch up with social media for my blog.
09.30: I cleaned the outside of our windows whilst Gavin had some bonding time with Tobias.
10.00: We then ventured out to go look at some more pushchairs (Gavin is getting tired of this, but I just can’t decide what to do)!
12.00: Is our usual lunch time and as it’s a bank holiday we were able to enjoy lunch out, we went to Frankie & Bennys as we know it’s really child friendly and we’re able to eat at our leisure.
13.30: Time for Tobias’ sleep, so we jumped in the car and drove home which took an hour.
15.00: We arrived home, we’ve got half an hour before Gavin goes out to do night jobs on the farm. Tobias wakes up so we had a snack and then I caught up on the daily house chores, clothes washing, hoovering, cleaning surfaces, doing the dishwasher etc!
18.00: Tobias had his tea and i prepped tea for me and Gavin to have later.
18.30: Once Tobias has finished eating it’s time for his bath, this takes a while now as he loves to play with all of his toys! Gavin came in from jobs on the farm, whilst we’re finishing up in the bath and I was getting Tobias ready for bed.
19.00: Gavin will then play with Tobias so I can make tea. We then eat, whilst Tobias watches his TV.
20.00: Tobias has his bottle and it’s then officially bed time for him. He will only go to sleep for Gavin so he puts him to sleep, whilst I tidy up the house for the night. When he comes back down we will then use this time to catch up on our TV.
22.30: We go to bed.

So there you have it, again like I said before, this isn’t a typical day in the life for me. It’s also worth noting that no two days are the same for us, apart from the usual bedtime routine.

Much love


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