Eighteen Month Update

3FE66752-9CEA-4ABC-A21B-19544FE17321It has been a long time since I did an update for Tobias, I can’t believe he’s a year and a half already! I’ll be honest, I didn’t do a twelve month update for Tobias as the lead up to Christmas got very busy and since then the milestones have slowed down.  Which is expected, as this is the time they’re brain is growing and children are focusing on learning to communicate.

Routine: Tobias’ routine has changed considerably since the last update as he now only has one nap a day,  it’s usually straight after lunch and can be up to two hours long. He still wakes up between 7am and 7.30am.  He eats breakfast at 8.30am and lunch is at 11.30am. He then will nap from 12 noon to 2pm. Dinner is usually around 5.30pm and then bedtime is between 7.30pm and 8pm.

035ACB0A-A8A0-46A9-A9FB-487EA768CB44Eating: As Tobias has gotten older, I’ve noticed he has definitely become pickier about food, its not a concern to me, he just knows what he likes and what he hates now. He is still getting a bottle of milk twice a day, first thing in a morning and last thing at night, which is usually six ounces each.  He continues to prefer to use his hands for feeding himself but has learnt how to use a spoon and a fork now so there is usually less mess to clean up at the end of meal times.

Sizes: Tobias is still wearing his one to one and a half year old clothing and is in size four nappies. Whilst on the subject of clothing, Tobias has started taking off pieces of clothing by himself, he then tries to put them back on.  He can also put his hat on, all by himself now!

92BA403A-102F-46FC-8F43-FF8529984C4FMilestones: The biggest milestone I can think of is his speech. The amount of words he comes out with on a daily basis is growing everyday!  He loves books and reading. He always has to turn the pages and we have to read a minimum of three books a night for him to be happy.   He loves music and always dances when he hears it, he can also do the actions to some nursery rhymes.  When asked, Tobias can point to different body parts.  He can respond to requests (like close the door) and he shakes his head to say no!  He also can make lots of different animal noises.  His movement becomes stronger each day, he easily climbs up and down stairs and all the furniture in the house. I feel like I’m telling him to get down, all time! Finally, he walks backwards with ease.   His hand movements are getting more intricate now, he can use a pen or crayon to scribble and he brushes his teeth with little help.  He initiates games now, like throwing or kicking a ball or asking to be pushed when riding his toys.   He has developed an interest of how things come apart and can be put together again.  He empties contents of boxes but always tidys up after himself (when asked) and he pushes or pulls toys along the floor whilst he’s walking.  Finally, he “helps” around the house, he loves to use the sweeping brush and I always have to give him a duster to dust when he sees me doing it.  He has also learnt how to use the telephone the right way up and what he needs to say to speak to Siri on my iPhone.

Personality: One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in Tobias’ development has been his personality. As a baby he was always happy and content as long as he was fed, had had his sleep and had a clean nappy on. But now that he’s getting into the toddler stage the tantrums have definitely started and I can see much more of a personality forming. He is very confident and not afraid of strangers or different situations. He is a kind, loving, affectionate and gentle being.  Whenever he sees someone crying he wants to give them a kiss. He’s cheeky and likes to test his limits. I’m really curious to see how he develops as a big brother and I know July 2018 will be a big wake up call for all of us, but especially him.

That’s all I could think of for now. Nursery is going well finally, he has a wobble as Im about to leave but he loves his time there and it’s great to see his social skills developing because of going.

Much love

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