34 Weeks Pregnant & Comparing Pregnancies

487606CA-163D-4C42-B9B2-C43DBCB8ABD4Eek, 34 weeks pregnant. It’s getting close and I’m feeling very unprepared, which is just not like me! Symptoms wise, My SPD has been getting worse. Laying down in bed is awful, as is getting out of bed. Getting up from the floor or bending over makes me very uncomfortable and walking too much can also make it flare up. It’s very disheartening, I do remember having this with Tobias but not until the very end of my pregnancy with him. As this baby gets lower down into my pelvis I anticipate the pain to increase in intensity but I do know that once I have given birth the pain will go!

The heartburn isn’t as intense as it was with Tobias, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to when it shows up which is frustrating but Rennie does help. I’m just thankful that I don’t have the added tiredness that I experienced with my first pregnancy as I would be rendered useless with looking after Tobias. I have forgotten to mention the Braxton Hicks. I can’t remember ever experiencing these with my first pregnancy, I guess I didn’t know what to look out for, but this time around, OMG! It’s torture. Every time it starts I cringe thinking this can’t be it! Braxton Hicks makes my whole belly go rock hard and the cramping brings me to my knees. It always catches me unawares! I am starting to get short of breath at the simplest of tasks, Tobias must be thinking I’m pathetic, I know it’s my body telling me to slow down! Finally, I have to admit, I’m well & truly waddling now!


Even though I’m dealing with the above I’ve been in a really good mood and feel this time around is just as good as my first, second trimester (if that makes sense)!  I’m loving this pregnancy and dreading the thought of not having a bump afterwards. Sometimes I do get emotional thinking that this is my time with just Tobias and it’s coming to an end very shortly.

The baby’s movements are huge now. You can see and feel limbs which could quite easily be grabbed hold of! I’m not sure on the position, sometimes I’m certain I feel the head under my ribs but then I get little jabs that feel like feet and I’m thrown. I’ll have to wait until my next midwife appointment but I’m really hoping that the baby has naturally turned. According to my app, baby is approximately 17.72 inches in length and 5lbs in weight.

I still don’t seem to have any new stretch marks, but I imagine once baby is here I’ll be able to have a better look. My belly button has well and truly popped this time and shows through all my clothing. I have some backache but that is to be expected carrying the extra weight around, thankfully it’s not unbearable.


Now to compare the two pregnancies so far! The saying goes that every pregnancy is different and this is very true. They’re only small differences which an outsider may not notice but here are my thoughts. I know my baby isn’t growing any faster, but it does feel like my belly went to full term immediately, by-passing the tiny neat bump stage you get during your second trimester. On reading, this is due to the ab muscles, which were tighter first time around, are naturally loosened by the first baby you carry.

I have more aches and pains this time around! Especially in my back, which is manageable but I don’t remember having anything like it in my first pregnancy. Again, from looking on the internet, this tends to be more common with each pregnancy you have, particularly if you have young children, you’re probably doing more running around, lifting, and bending, which can put stress on your back. I felt this baby Move from twelve weeks pregnant and I can’t even remember experiencing Braxton Hicks during my first pregnancy! This also is very common possibly because it’s a familiar sensation and I know what to look out for.

The amount of times I’ve seen my midwife has dropped considerably this time around. This is because I had an uncomplicated birth (first time round) and am now classed as low risk. Talking with my midwife she has explained that it’s not for definite, but labour is likely to be shorter this time and the pushing stage is often easier, too. She also explained that the postpartum can be more intense second time round, which sounds delightful!


The scan pictures – For my first baby, I looked at those images every day in wonder, with this baby I don’t even know where they are this time.

The weekly updates – during my first pregnancy, I would clock watch and count down the days, knowing precisely how pregnant I was and how much was left to go. This time, I do have the apps but weeks can pass before I check them and update myself.

Worries – I think I was clouded by baby brain, but I only worried about my current situation in my first pregnancy. Labour scared me but I hadn’t thought anymore into it or what would happen after that! For baby two I have worried and continue to panic about literally everything. I worry that I won’t be able to breastfeed again or get any sleep, EVER AGAIN. I worry about the labour – as in I’m scared stiff this time round ( it doesn’t help knowing what’s coming!) and then thinking about the logistics of how to carry two children down the stairs in a morning, well that just sends me over the edge!

Food – throughout my first pregnancy, I didn’t eat anything that was not allowed. For pregnancy two, I’ve been a little more relaxed but to be honest my diet hasn’t changed much due to breastfeeding Tobias.

The nursery – To be fair the room has been redone and I’ve planned every inch of the room, which is no different to my first pregnancy. This is due to Tobias moving rooms and getting a new bedroom! This time round, however, the baby is getting hand-me-downs and I’m not as fussed about second hand!

Labour Prep – The hospital bag is fully packed, because I like to be organised. I’ve got my labour playlist and hypnobirthing on stand-by and feel prepared (or as much as I can be). Just like the first time, the only extra bit is there has to be a plan in place for what to do with Tobias when the pains start.

And that’s kind of where we are up to now.  The newborn baby’s needs are always trumped by Tobias’ needs and if I’m not worrying about that I’m worrying about my insomnia!

Much love

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