Review of Pregnancy Pillow


The first thing I noticed about the U Shaped Pillow was how soft it was, it’s strokable and supportive (great qualities to have)! The outer part of the pillow is made from baby soft fabric and the inner fabric is polycotton, which is highly durable and soft. The filling is an anti-allergenic, anti-asthmatic material called Sensifill. There is meant to be a scent of Lavender in the inner fabric, but to be honest I couldn’t smell that in the slightest. The pillow comes in seven different colours, I opted for the grey/neutral one that matched my bedroom and didn’t look out of place.

I love my Pregnancy Pillow, although it takes up the whole bed (sorry Gavin) it’s definitely helped. Being double sided, it offers support for your back as well, so you can never lie flat on your back, which can’t be a bad thing! As I just touched on, they do take up a lot of space therefore making them hard to store. Thankfully I think I’ll be using my post delivery and for a long while after too! Also, I’ve always been a warm person, but this thing makes me sweat through the night -I know, it doesn’t help I’m having a summer baby!

The U Shaped Pillow did take a couple of days to get used to as it alters your sleep position somewhat, however once I had got used to it I managed to get a really good night’s sleep. I also found that my pelvic pain would be less in the morning, meaning that I could go about my day to day activities. This was a particularly good thing for me as I had missed being able to do simple things like sitting on the floor the first time I was pregnant and now I have Tobias I’m still able to play with him. I would like to add however, that I have found that as I have come towards the end of my pregnancy the pillow can actually make it harder to get out of bed sometimes, as I need to clamber over it!

Despite all this, generally I have found that the U Shaped Pillow has really helped me deal with a very difficult, frustrating condition (SPD) and because of that I would highly recommend this product. My toddler has taken to sitting in the centre of the pillow and so even after pregnancy it will still be useful.

U Shaped Pillow Pregnancy

Much love

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