Letter to my Children’s Father

A3D3532B-7D34-40BB-8773-27774C893C96Dear Gavin,

When we found out we were expecting our first born, we were both filled with mixtures of feelings. Throughout that pregnancy you were scared that you wouldn’t form a bond and wouldn’t be good enough for your baby. We were both scared of the unknown, worried and overwhelmed by every decision we had to make about having a baby. But I’ve watched you grow and become the strong father you are today.  An excellent role model for our children, proving how a man can still look after and provide for his family in this day and age.

Since becoming parents to a fiercely independent, strong willed and precious little boy, we have been tested to our limits and there has certainly been times where I wanted to rip your head off and I’ve often thought that I would be better off being a single parent. However, I know deep down and have come to realise that no matter what we go through, I will always be grateful to you and need you in my life. Because of you, I have the greatest blessing anyone could ask for, the gift of motherhood.

Tobias is yours, he looks just like you, acts just like you and prefers you over me! I’m very jealous of your relationship with Tobias but I know it’s down to you as to why I get the sloppiest of kisses and the biggest bear hugs in the world from him. I will continue to strive for those moments when Tobias enters adulthood and beyond! We get to watch him grow and change every single day, which gives my life so much more meaning and purpose and I hope you feel the same way.

You’ve made me become a superhero and together we’ve conquered this thing called parenthood, learning that we work well together. As we enter our new exciting journey of having two little ones, the change in dynamics will affect us again. But I do know one thing, it might take us some time to adjust but with you by my side we can do this together.

It might only be a few weeks away before our life changes completely again but you’ve proven that you will try to help out wherever is possible, obviously apart from feeding and changing those dirty nappies! With our second child we will both have more confidence and experiences, meaning we can solve any problems together, faster.

We are teaching our children everything they need to know about this big, bad world. But most importantly they are learning, from you, how to form close relationships with loved ones. So keep doing what your doing, be the best parent you can be and keep making me proud to call you my’n!

Because of you, I am a mother. And for that I owe you a huge thank you.

Much love


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