38 Weeks Pregnant & Preparing for Baby

F9474DCA-86A9-4843-963B-C0D48C884DF5Things are all getting a bit serious now with Braxton Hicks tricking me into thinking I’m going into labour constantly and now I’m getting into the single digits I am filled with every emotion going! I’m really excited about meeting this little one and to find out the gender, but I’m still struggling with the thought of labour and knowing what’s to come, it’s very overwhelming!

Symptom wise I continue to have insomnia, which doesn’t help with having an active toddler. My SPD is still niggling me on a daily basis and the heartburn is still a big one, together with the constipation which I think is caused by having some haemorrhoids.

Other than that most of my symptoms are very physical now. In that, I mean, there’s a lot of “is this labour?” moments as my body prepares for giving birth. I’ve been having loads of cramps, back pain and Braxton Hicks. I do get very tired but also get bursts of energy throughout the day when I tend to start nesting! Also, I think my bump has finally dropped. The baby’s movements are less noticeable, as it is so big and has run out of space. It feels like a rolling movement rather than a kick or a jab. Sometimes the movements can be quite painful, depending on what position the baby is laying in!

I haven’t said much up to now about meeting with a consultant but I’m happy to announce that after plenty of tests, meetings and physio it’s been decided that I can try for a natural birth.  There was talk of having a planned c-section which didn’t sit well with me and was starting to upset me in those later weeks of pregnancy, so to receive the news at 36 weeks was the great boost I needed, the only thing tha5 they’ve said is they want me to have a smaller baby so I will be getting a stretch and sweep from 38 weeks.  Which means I am now in full labour prep of daily activities that includes a hot cup of raspberry leaf tea, applying my stretch mark cream, 30 minutes of bouncing on my excersice ball, 20 minutes of lying in the Whelchers position,  3 sets of short pelvic floor x10 and 3 sets of long pelvic floor for 20 secs, eating pineapple, listening to my Hypnobirthing guidance for 30 minutes and finally a 5 minutes perineal massage!

We’ve been super busy with the lead up to this baby coming, so I thought I would jot down how we’ve been preparing for its arrival.

Writing a birth plan – I haven’t gone into much detail with my plan as things can change depending on the situation. I would love to have the same experience as my labour with Tobias. I’ve let Gavin know my wishes regarding the type of pain relief i would prefer and who cuts the cord. A birth plan definitely needs to be flexible, but it can still be a useful guide.

Chat to your partner – last time, i was rushed off to theatre once I’d given birth and Gavin was literally left holding the baby, so I’ve let him know where the clothes for the baby are in and what’s in my hospital bag, so that he can help to get things ready. I’ve also given him his list of what to do if labour starts at home, hopefully he feels more prepared this time!

Spend time with older children – I’m trying to soak up every bit of time I can with Tobias, before the newborn arrives and life gets too busy. I’m hoping that taking this opportunity for some bonding time will help to remind Tobias how much he is loved.

Arrange for extra help – The first few weeks with a baby can be overwhelming. I’m lucky enough that my mother is able to help as much as she does. Just like last time, Tobias and I will be moving in with her for the first two weeks, to help me get into a routine with two children and to aid with my recovery, post-partrum.

Wash your baby’s clothes and bedding – I’ve caught up with washing all the clothing that Tobias’ wore as a newborn and they’re all waiting for the baby to arrive at my mothers. I haven’t washed any of the new clothing I have purchased (does this matter?)

Clean the house – there wasn’t much time for housework when Tobias arrived, so this worries me. However the nesting instinct has definitely kicked in, so pre cleaning must help! Every little helps to make life with a newborn that bit easier. Again, if needed I’ll give my mum a call if it gets too much on top of me!

Stock up – I’ve filled both my changing station in the nursery and created one at my mums too, all ready to go! I’ve bulked up on nappies for both Tobias and the newborn, together with wipes, nappy bags, cotton wool pads and nappy cream! I hope that’s everything!

Pack your hospital bag – Labour can start at any time, so my bag has been packed since I turned 28 weeks pregnant. Its got everything for me, labour and beyond and includes everything for baby too. I’ve chosen the baby’s first outfit and what it will wear once it’s time to come home. This has been one of the more fun decisions to make. Although Gavin probably thinks I’m a nutter about how much effort has gone into the decision. We’ve had the car seat installed for a couple of weeks now, which I’m sure has left Tobias confused!

I sure hope I’m ready, I certainly feel as prepared as possible, time will tell!

Much love

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