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8CEDC95E-8F3D-4BED-A55E-AE1AAB24A307Gavin has been in my life a long time and I’m so grateful to be able to call him my best friend as well as my husband. We started out as school colleagues, that grew into a friendship and from there the rest is history! So why wouldn’t I want to share him with you. I grabbed a few questions from other tags I have read and asked him. Just look at his replies!

1. How did we meet? Initially we knew each other through school. After leaving school and losing touch, I then met with Rebecca again when she was dating my cousin. When that relationship finished we became closer and it wasn’t long before she had moved in and we were engaged etc!
2. What was your first opinion of Rebecca? Off her rocker. Rebecca was a loose canon when she was younger but slowly (with age) she is now a lot more grounded.
3. When did you know Rebecca was the one? When I asked her to tuck me in at night and she came!
4. How long did it take to plan the wedding? 30 seconds to plan, a year to implement.
5. When did we get married? 5th September 2015

6. How long have we been married? 3 years, this year
7. How did you propose? Badly! My parents were off the farm for the weekend so I took the opportunity. Rebecca came out to help with jobs on the farm in the morning. Afterwards, I sent her in to start cooking breakfast and when she was gone I went to the top of our lane to meet her mum, to get her grandmas engagement ring. I then went home on my own and couldn’t keep a straight face so had to do it in our kitchen, immediately.
8. How many children did Rebecca want before marriage? 5, actually she used to say “as many as possible”.
9. What does Rebecca’s family think of you? Rebecca’s grandma adores me and our way of life, farm life. I would have loved to have met her grandfather as he sounds like a great man. With regards to her immediate family, I hope they like me, I don’t know!
10. What is Rebecca’s worst habit? Asking me to get her a drink constantly, when she could get it herself really.32773E5E-F0B6-4AEF-B056-D7E0508A6978
11. What is Rebecca’s best habit? There’s so many! (He honestly said that)
12. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me (as in Gavin, pahhhhh)
13. Who is the better cook? Me (As in Gavin again!)
14. What do we argue most about? Time keeping. If I say I’ll be coming into the house in ten minutes, it’s guaranteed I’ll be at least forty five minutes!
15. What was the last text message Rebecca sent you? She was asking me to go to the shop to get milk for Tobias as we had run out.

16. Who is more affectionate? Me (As in Gavin is, this is very true, he’s a big cuddler)!
17. Who is more outgoing? Rebecca, for sure. I hate being out of my comfort zone.
18. Would Rebecca prefer to stay in or go out on a Friday night? Stay in, she would definitely prefer a good takeaway and movie on the sofa. She’s always been a big family person.
19. Has Rebecca ever gotten something for you, you didn’t like? No, she’s very good with presents. I guess that’s what you get for knowing each other for so long.
20. What is the best gift Rebecca has ever gotten for you? This year in fact, she bought me all the extras to match my tweed shooting outfit.933DC84A-E286-42E6-820D-39706F31F0E4
21. Places you want to travel together? I would love to be able to take Rebecca to Canada as I loved my visit there and I also know she would love to go on an African safari.
22.How many children do you want? 3!
23.Where is Rebecca from? She takes great pride in calling herself a pure bred ‘nidderdaleian’. Which means she’s North Yorkshire, born and bred in Nidderdale!
24.Did Rebecca play any sports in the past? I think she played Netball in school, but I’ve only ever known her to go to the gym.
25.What can Rebecca spend hours doing? She’s constantly on her IPad working on blog posts or making lists! I may despair sometimes but I really have found a keeper and just look at the kids we make together, bellisimo if I do say so myself!

Much love

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