How to Teach Children About Cleaning

img_0328I do believe (I may be totally wrong) that if you start them young and get children tidying and cleaning it should benefit them in the future. The aim for me is to make it fun so they don’t see the activities as chores. Ever since Tobias was young I’ve always got him to help me with tidying up his toys. He has a keen skill in taking everything to the bin when requested and loves to help with sweeping, so I’m hoping I’m off to a good start.

After reading a few blog posts from other people, I thought I would jot down what I aim to get my children to do over the next few years to try and encourage this clean behaviour. I’m hoping their partners in the future will thank me! Here goes:

08D91F9F-84B5-43D4-80CA-7183C3725D88From the age of two I will be showing/ asking and teaching the following:
Put clothes in wash basket
Put books away
Tidy toys away
Help feed the pet
Throw nappies into the bin
Water plants
Fetch shoes
Get nappy etc
Open and close curtains

5839371F-569F-4E7A-ADD0-3A6FAC4109F9From the age of three I hope to see my children able to complete the following tasks:
Clean spills
Get dressed/ undressed (with help)
Brush teeth (followed by adults help)

BBC94561-5B24-4269-A672-164C87320559From the age of four, they will be just starting primary school so I would like to get them to help in the following areas:
Water plants
Make bed
Pack bag for school
Help clear dinner table
Put clean clothes away

85489B27-2CD8-41E2-A44C-472F4DF763A3By the age of seven I would expect them to be able to complete the following jobs:
Help set table
Help put groceries away
Fill dishwasher – no sharps
Put wet clothes from washing machine into dryer
Put cutlery away
Sweep floor

4FCF9076-68A7-4769-B6C6-B9307E37C936Between the ages of eight and eleven my children will be starting to get ready for high school which means they’re becoming young adults. I think this means more responsibility should be given to them, so here’s what I would like to try to get them to do:
Own personal hygiene
Clean room
Set table by themselves
Feed pet by themselves
Help wash car
Take out trash
Help make packed lunch
Help cook
Rake leaves
Empty and load dishwasher alone
Bring in mail
Fold laundry and put away
Put away groceries by themselves
Brush teeth with no help
Sort out own breakfast

911016A0-E1C3-4D7A-8015-2AC1B6B32B08Finally by the time they are teenagers I would love for them to be able to do some, if not all, of the following chores. I realise some of these tasks would mean they may get paid or it would be part of them getting their pocket money:
Clean bathroom
Help clean kitchen
Mow lawn
Shovel snow
Pack own lunch
Do laundry
Wash car
Walk pet
Cook with limited supervision
Watch siblings for short periods

I imagine when they get older these jobs will become more challenging to get them to do. In fact weather I’m able to get this list implemented is questionable but I’m certainly going to try!

Much love

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