Review of Changing Bag For Two Under Two

I did a changing bag tour very recently, pre two children. So I thought as things have changed over the last couple of months I would do an updated post. The bag contents include items for a newborn and a toddler but the items do change depending on how long I’m going out for and what time of the day I’m going out.

I bought a new Pacapod changing bag whilst I was pregnant, ready for all the items for two children. Every Pacapod bag is designed with a three in one organisational system that combines a main bag plus removable pods for feeding and changing. The bag is nice but I do wish there was a little more space for my own personal items. The first pod is insulated to keep milk or food at the right temperature. The second is for nappies and wipes. The Pacapod is able to organise everything I need for myself, Tobias and Hamish. Everything has its place and always looks tidy inside, even Gavin knows where to look for items! This is the contents of the bag:

Purse – babies are expensive!
Car keys – we wouldn’t get anywhere without these!
Phone – my lifesaver!
Paracetamol – for those moments where a headache creeps up on you out of nowhere
Lip balm – for those dry lips
Hand sanitiser – I use this all the time, whenever I change a nappy etc.
Sunglasses – not just to look like a ‘cool’ mum, they are functional too!
Contact lenses – I hate wearing glasses, so these are a must in my bag!
Hats – for when we’re out and about in this heat wave!
Short sleeved vest, body suit – a change of clothes, all for the newborn
T shirt, shorts, socks – a change of outfit, all for the toddler
Disposable bibs – for Tobias if we end up eating out and I don’t want him to get dirty
Teether – for when Hamish starts with those teething problems

Dribble bib – again for Hamish, ready for when the teething begins
Muslin – to clean up any sick and for burping
Tissues – for noses and any other messes that need clearing up.
Pen – very useful – but not without a bit of paper (usually the back of a receipt)
Brush – to make sure I’m looking half decent Bobbles – same as above
Makeup – Again, same as above
Chewing gum – I do brush my teeth, but sometimes I just need to refresh!
Anbesol – again, for teething purposes and to relive the pain
Glasses – these are a last resort as I hate wearing glasses
Blanket – in case the weather gets cold or a picnic blanket.
Saline drops – this is mainly for the newborn as they can’t clear their nose of gunk
Vapour rub – I like to have a small jar of this in case my little ones are suffering with a cold
Suncream – especially needed at the moment with this major heat wave we’re having

Changing mat – I like to put this on the surface where I’m changing both my boys
Nappies – these are a must have, I usually have 5 for Hamish and 2 for Tobias
Baby wipes – not only used for nappy changes!
Nappy bags – again not just for nappies, I use these for many different things
Nappy cream – it’s a tester pot that I got free in a bounty pack which I keep topping up
Calpol – baby paracetamol, I suppose they can get head aches too!
Plasters – for those whoops moments
Teething granules – I don’t think these work but Tobias likes the sugar rush!
Thermometer – I find this very useful
Snacks – I like to have something with me at all times and they can range from any of the following: -orange -yoghurt and spoon – chocolate – fruit pouch – sandwich – biscuits – raisins – crisps
Drink cup – Tobias is a very thirsty boy and can go through five cups a day
Small toys – for entertainment when both of them start to get grouchy

So there we have it, the bag is full to the brim. Thankfully toddlers don’t require as much stuff as newborns. Thankfully the pushchair we purchased seems to hold the bag easily.

PacaPod Richmond Changing Bag – 3 in 1 Organising System

Much love

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